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  1. I dont want an obstructed view, but if it will be costing me 1200 less - i will take it! The fact that you said "the ship sailed nowhere near to full" really helps - gives me hope for the good prices. Also I've got this table somewhere on the net ....
  2. Hello all, I need an advise. Thinking of booking a Thanksgiving 10day panama 2019 cruise. Right now have an insider sale price of about a thousand for a balcony room. Everything that i have read said: for any holidays buy asap. However the same advise articles say the best prices for any cruises are for the next two weeks right after thanxgiving. How much of a drop in the prices we are talking about? will it be a 500 per person for a balcony room or 800 bill? How material will be the drop? And obviously the drop will happen right before the cruise date. (I am asking this because we just came back from Alaska cruise, which we booked in February for one price, but the price dropped 50% about month -3 weeks before sailing, and to know that we overpaid sucked big time. Alaska was amazing and the cruise was great, but i would love to know i am not overpaying my hard earned beer money again!) Thank you! :)
  3. Hello, I am thinking of booking a 7 day cruise in mid-May 2019 from Seattle. HAL offers two very similar itineraries, except one goes to Glacier bay and another to Hubbard glacier. Which one is better for the first time Alaska trip? (also Eurodam goes to Glacier bay and Oosterdam goes to Hubbard glacier). What do you think? thank you!
  4. I am an american now and she has a green card. I checked the requirements - looks like all places are ok with the russians come to visit them without getting the visas in the consulates. But I will double check! (thank you for the reminder!)
  5. My mom and I will be taking our first cruise ever in two weeks on Rotterdam (7 day Western Caribbean). Very excited! I've tried to research as much as I could but sometimes it seems more I research, more questions I have. And I hope I haven't done some horrible logistical mistake yet. 1. Our flight arrives at Tampa at 11:16. We will have only one checked in bag. I think we will be fine to check in in time, correct? (and OMG if not!) Airport seems to be only 15 min away from the dock.... 2. Can we still walk on promenade and watch sail off there... somebody mentioned it's only for veranda people? (our room will be on the Main deck) 3. Planning to book 2 excursions with HAL: Tikal in Guatemala and Chacchoben with Blue Lagoon in Mexico. Tikal is crazy expensive ($649 per person) but seems like once in a lifetime opportunity to see this historical site. Also it's not exactly a safest country, and seems like booking through HAL is the best option. Has anybody taken that excursion? has anybody taken Chaccoben and Blue lagoon excursion in Mexico? 4. I am thinking to book a taxi on Roatan, and do our own private tour. Has anybody have any recommendations as to a proffered taxi company they used or must see things there? 5. Somebody mentioned somewhere that if the ship undersold I can ask for a free room upgrade at the time of embarkation. Is it true or is it an urban legend? Thank you!
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