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  1. You are a genius. That is exactly what I needed to do. Thanks so much!
  2. when you mention you have better ljuck with the edimax, do you also have the tplink? If so, I might have to try one of those edimax's also. Originally had a hootoo and that thing was junk.
  3. Anyone have any luck getting a travel router to work on Norwegian lately? I’m using a TP-Link ac750 that works great on royal, but can’t get to the login screen on Norwegian.
  4. Day 3 update did flowrider in the morning. Had 2-3 other guests using it at same time. After that we took the kids to the ice skating rink. We were the only key guests in there. Actually felt a little weird. Had the whole place to ourselves. Right now im sitting in the aqua theater again to watch “the fine line”. Our show was cancelled yesterday so we thought we would try today since we had some free time, even though we were rescheduled for day 6. Walked up. Showed them we were key and they took us right down to the reserved section. No reservations needed, it seems. For the the people who wonder if reservations are required, I would personally still make reservations with my best guess and use the “no reservations required” as plan B.
  5. In the end, today’s experience didn’t matter. They cancelled the show because the ship was rocking too much. Rescheduled for day 6.
  6. Posting update while waiting for “the fine line” show in aqua theater to start, on Harmony. Check in was awesome. Was able to skip a long security line. Essentially no waits to get on board. Chops lunch was also great. Nice not having to mess with the mad house in windjammer. Vip seating for our first show was not so great. That’s where I’m at now. We got here 20 minutes early and are told there are no vip seats left. They did not ask if we had reservations. There were 3 rows saved and it was completely full. They did do their best to find us some seats though. Hopefully this was a fluke and the “key” seating experience gets better.
  7. I'm about to find out in a few days. Leaving 2/3.
  8. Ship gets in on February 10. Don't know what time it arrives or when disembark starts. Read other reports of people making flights around this time, in ft. lauderdale, so we thought we would give it a shot.
  9. 9:35 I know it's pushing it but I'm hoping as long as we are ready to get off the moment the doors open, we should be ok.
  10. Does anyone know for sure if there are shuttles waiting outside the moment you are able to disembark? Trying to make an early flight out. Will be getting off Harmony of the Seas, and from what I can tell, there is no set time they open the doors to get off. Therefore I don't know what time I would need to book a shuttle. Was hoping there are shuttles out there waiting early in the morning. I know they're out there later in the day, just wasn't sure about first thing in the morning. I know uber is always an option, but was just hoping for a shuttle because of ease with car seats.
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