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  1. If I can be perfectly honest, I think we're done here. As our experience slips further into the past, no news organization is going to care about something that affected a few people weeks ago. It would be different if it was picked up while it was taking place.
  2. I'm thinking that those with individual issues have a much better chance getting some form of reimbursement than we do since they would have to give it to everyone. From the email I received they stated that they have to be consistent with their reimbursement so I highly doubt anything further will come of this unless there is some sort of involvement with the media. I'm starting to think that we just got the short end of the stick here.
  3. I can't be certain which one it was as I don't know if they are responding to an email I wrote directly to royal carribean offices, the 1 I submitted on their website or the 1 I included in the post-cruise survey.
  4. Thank you for contacting the Executive Office of Royal Caribbean International. On behalf of our Executive Team, I am pleased to respond to your email. I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused by technical issues with your stateroom air conditioning. I understand your disappointment and can assure you that your feedback has provided us with the opportunity to initiate and make improvements to avoid these same issues in the future. I recognize your cruise was intended to be a special vacation for you and your family and am terribly sorry to learn how your experience was negatively impacted. Beginning January 12th, 2019 some guests onboard Anthem of the Seas experienced issues with their stateroom air conditioning not cooling properly. The technical issue affected a portion of the staterooms onboard. Our Chief Engineer and staff worked diligently on correcting the issue as outages were reported. Whilst onboard, you were offered compensation in the form of onboard credit per stateroom. When we offer compensation, our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to return and have the experience we had hoped to provide. After reviewing your concerns with our Leadership Team, we feel the onboard credit offer is fair and reasonable. With that being said, we must remain consistent with all of our guests and will not be providing any additional compensation.
  5. Well I just received an email from the executive office and they assured me that no additional compensation will be provided beyond the $300. They felt the amount provided was fair. At least we can go ahead and book our next trip on another line now. I'd rather fly to Bermuda than go on another RCL ship.
  6. I just requested to join that group on facebook.
  7. Anyone ever hear back from Royal Carribean? I had an email last week saying they were investigating my complaint but that was it. We are getting ready to book our spring Bermuda vacation but if RCL doesn't make this right (which I highly doubt they will), we will be booking the Norweigan Escape instead.
  8. Agreed, but Royal Carribean should have been more fair to us being that we paid thousands for our vacation. We were refunded roughly 6% of our purchase price and way more than 6% of our vacation was impacted.
  9. Our email to RC prompted a meeting with the hotel director and guest services manager last night. They're going to let me know if they will offer anything in addition to the $300 but I doubt it. They did at least pick up our son's medical bills on the ship which we appreciate. If we don't receive an incentive from them for a future cruise we're just going to book the Norwegian Escape for our Bermuda trip in April
  10. Haha, I tried to correct it once I realized. Damn mobile keyboard.
  11. Are you sure unaffected rooms received money?
  12. I'm not superetifious at all but I swear this ship is cursed. Between the poor boy that sadly drowned to the cruise where it listed severely, there are nonstop issues in its 4 year history.
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