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  1. I just got off the Oosterdam and since I only wanted Jameson Irish Whiskey for the week, I called room service and ordered a bottle for my room which turned out to be a full liter bottle and not a 750ml for only $56 and I mixed my own drinks and brought them with me all over the ship in my stainless water bottle. No questions asked by any crew members. So for $56, I had enough whiskey for 22 drinks of 1.5 ounces each which is what you'd get at any of the bars. They have a great variety of bottles available and will also include mixers for a few dollars more and your room steward will provide as much ice as you need. One bottle would have probably been enough but friends kept stopping by for shots and we went through 3 liters! It seems that many people don't know about this option on HAL, but it's there on their site.
  2. I've been searching the forums for a post on this topic and haven't been able to find anything so I thought I'd add this topic for comment. I just got back from a Holland America Line cruise on the Oosterdam with stops in San Juan, PR and Amber Cove, DR. A few days before I boarded, I was looking through the info for "already booked" and found that I could purchase a bottle of alcohol with mixers for in-room consumption through room service. I could have also ordered through the website to have it in my stateroom when I arrived on the ship. I ordered a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey by dialing 92 and when the bottle was delivered it was a full liter and not a 750ml as I expected. The price including gratuity was only $56 which is a steal considering mixed drinks for a 1.5 ounce pour were in the $10 range with gratuity. This was a no brainer as far as cost and the small inconvenience of walking down to the room to pour a drink was well worth it. Truthfully, I usually took my drinks up on deck or anywhere else on the ship that I wanted to with no questions from staff or crew. It was also a great thing to have in the room for small get-togethers with friends for shots before attending entertainment events.
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