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  1. Before I took a cruise to Belize and Honduras my Dr recommended that I take garlic supplements for a couple weeks before going and during. It's supposed to make the mosquitoes avoid you. I didn't end up with any bites and my friends said I didn't smell bad. I guess the bugs notice it but not people. Haven't looked into the safety during pregnancy, but something to consider.
  2. I had these same questions a couple days ago and have since found the answers so I'll share what I found. Anyone can sign up for free at www.aarp.org/rewards-for-good. Then you take quizzes to earn up to 5000 pts a day. You can use the cards to pay online for anything you haven't paid for yet; cruise, excursions, drink package, etc. Or you can take it with you on the ship and add them to your sign & sail account. That will take care of any expenses you incur onboard. Just keep in mind that if there's anything left over it will be given back to you in another gift card.
  3. Can you explain how to get the free account? When I try to sign up it wants a membership term and I don't see a choice for free. I'd love to get the gift cards also, but would prefer not to pay for the membership in order to get them.
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