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  1. Thank you, I was hoping someone had first hand experience!
  2. Just out of curiosity of what Royal would not offer, would you clarify what you would have accepted as suitable empathy? You originally were dismissive of staff employees offering you an apology. Is your wish list really a call from a Senior Executive? Did you complain about the other elements of the tour that bothered you or did you just send the executive the pictures of the naked man? Did they offer you a partial refund? The problem with having certain beliefs is that they are great (and sometimes enforceable) in your country and your culture. You cannot expect the same beliefs to be valid in a foreign country, let alone a third world tropical island in regards to clothing cultures. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. My family is from Europe. When they visit us, I always have to remind them that taking off their tops on most beaches is discouraged. Their country, perfectly acceptable and comfortable, our country, on some beaches, not so much. They comply with our country not their beliefs from their country. And you certainly cannot blame a tour company for not being comfortable in a country's culture. As others have stated, you have made a wise decision for your happiness. Not everything is for everyone. I truly hope you find the perfect vacation venue for your expectations and can spend the rest of your retirement years in bliss.
  3. Does anyone know if the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle excursion from Port Canaveral includes tickets into KSC? Reading the explanation it does not say it does however it does not say it excludes the tickets. The plain shuttle is $83.99 pp A tour of KSC is $89.99, so since the prices are similar, I assume tickets are included in the shuttle only excursion. But knowing RCCL, they could be charging the same for a tour with tickets as just a bus ride over. I have called customer service and they were unsure. I want to Uber over but husband is leery of missing the ship. Last time we were in Port Canaveral, we ubered over for $65 for our party of 6 + tickets. But if the shuttle includes tickets, using RCCL would be more palatable, not much, but I could be convinced to give in. If not included, I guess we could just do the tour 😎 (moderators, my apologies if this is not the right forum for excursion questions)
  4. So dapper! I love the UKs tradition of wearing hats.
  5. Sorry to disappoint, but I have nothing to prove to you, so no picture of me. But if you are interested in the style I prefer, here is a picture of my latest for casual nights.
  6. First of all, let me clarify that I am old, past the half century mark. In my world, I was always taught that jeans were the height of casualness. The neatly pressed, nice fabric shorts with button down shirt outfits pictured above would be far more acceptable than a pair of jeans and a shirt. I would never wear a pair of jeans to dinner but would wear a nice pair of shorts or capris. But to each their own. I don't pay attention to what the next table has on, I am too focused on enjoying my table mates. Adopting a live and let live attitude decreases a whole amount of stress. You worry about you and I will worry about me.
  7. I am still trying to get over wife being traumatized by a naked man and then hubby taking pictures of same naked man and then sending "inappropriate" pictures to RCCL executives. I can't imagine the looks on the executives' faces when opening up their emails to pictures of a naked man. Depending on how explicit the pictures were and where he sent them, good thing OP didn't get in trouble himself. So, am I to understand, that only a full refund and an apology from a Senior Executive would be sufficient empathy? I cannot imagine a Senior Executive calling every customer who experienced a vehicle breakdown and were offended by something they saw on their tour. That is what they have people for. I think you deserved a small, maybe 10-20% refund for the misrepresentation of the plantation, but nothing for a bus breakdown nor a naked man in a foreign country that RCCL has no control over. Not every cruise line is for everyone. I wish you much joy on future cruises on a line that suits you better.
  8. If you want a suite, you have no choice but to book a non-refundable deposit. I booked our next cruise with a $1,500 deposit but then turned around and purchased cancel for any reason trip insurance. We considered the premium to be approximately what the difference refundable would have been if it was available.
  9. That is true. We recently flew Lufthansa to Frankfurt and was given the opportunity to bid for the leftover seats in business class.
  10. Is $500 the minimum bid or the maximum bid? And are you aware that the per person bid is only for the first 2 people no matter if you have 2. 3, or 4 in your cabin. Passengers 3 and 4 get to go along with you to the new cabin for no fee. Personally, I am pleased to see a for-profit company maximizing revenue opportunities that don't raise prices for everyone across the board. Rather, people who want to participate, can bid whatever they want to spend for the chance to upgrade their cabin to a higher category, often still scoring a better cabin for less than it would have cost originally. I also like the idea that everyone gets to participate rather than waiting around for the upgrade fairy to show up. We were lucky. We did choose to bid the minimum and went from a balcony to a Crown Loft suite for far less than it would have cost us to put 4 people in the suite outright. And it was a marketing win for Royal Caribbean. We loved the suite so much we booked the same one for our next cruise. It was a case of not knowing what we were missing till we experienced it. Royal filled an empty suite, while still making a little bit of money on it, and gained another suite customer. I am not sure how offering you the chance to upgrade to a better cabin for a price you choose is affordable is an insult. The chance of winning is still remote, but at least you have a chance. With the upgrade fairy, no one has a chance, you just wait to see if they pick you. If you are happy with your cabin, put the email in your trash can.
  11. I noticed they went down to $1,699 today so I also grabbed one. I hope they go down again, but highly doubt it. I am already having buyer's remorse so will decide if I want to keep it closer to the cruise. But knowing me, I will get comfortable with the price and keep it 🙂
  12. Thanks for clarifying. I just remembered reading about it but couldn't remember the dates.
  13. There were several earlier threads (Nov and Dec?) complaining about 3 ships being there around the same time. Not sure it was your sailing but it was determined to be an error and that one of them was actually there the next day. Hopefully it is a posting error.
  14. Oasis, August, has not budged from $65 since September, except for a few days during Black Friday when it dropped down to a substantial savings of a whopping $4 ($61 pp/pd) and a few days right before that it went up to $70. We have 3 sea days and 1 day at Coco Cay, so lots of drinking opportunities that I think is keeping it in the $60's.
  15. Per my post above, I did want to backtrack on the noise thing. There was one night where there was a huge, loud party on the boardwalk and we did hear it when we were on the balcony. The band was at the closed end of the boardwalk so pretty much right below us. Inside, we heard very faint music if you were standing right by the doors, enough to be curious as to what was going on outside and went out to check it out, but stepping a few feet into the cabin, nothing. We never heard the basketball court and there were organized games continuously, mostly younger children. Sitting on the balcony, you could occasionally hear the microphone of the lady running the games. But nothing too distracting. I think maybe being over the cutout from the boardwalk helped in the noise from the basketball court.
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