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  1. We once rented a cabana at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal in Orlando. We decided to head over to City Walk for a quick lunch at Margaritaville. We had our towels, some water shoes and other non valuable stuff in the cabana so it was obviously occupied. When we returned from lunch, an entire family was sitting in the cabana watching tv and drinking the water in the cooler that we paid for. We had to go get security to get them to leave and have our cooler restocked. It doesn't happen often, but it can happen.
  2. Yet that particular poster uses CDC data in every single one of his posts as the gold standard to prove his arguments. Either the CDC are morons as he stated in one post, or their data is the gold standard proof of covid. You can't have it both ways. One can surmise that if the CDC is so wrong, then the data linked to the CDC website is wrong, and thus the poster's claims are also suspect as the data he is using for reference was analyzed by people who have no idea what they are doing. When one is making claims of absolute proof, 0 percentages, and claiming things could not possibl
  3. Yes I seen (sic) his medical chart. I find it rather amusing that in one post you say that the CDC does not know what they are doing, yet in multiple other posts, you use the CDC's statistical data as your covid bible. So which is it? Is the CDC a bunch of idiots not to be believed, or do they know what they are doing and you believe their information, so much so that you link to their page each time you want to prove your point? Time to follow Mark Twain's wise advice in regards to this particular poster.🤣
  4. Hmmm...there goes that diarhea of uniformed knowledge again, made without proper credentials. You are SURE the deceased 15 year old had comorbidities? How could you be sure? Have you read his medical record? Sorry to burst your little misinformation bubble, but he had absolutely no comorbidities or any underlying disease.
  5. So no one under 65 has died of covid? Because you need a number of 0 deaths to get a 0% chance of dying. Perhaps I should tell that to the family in our neighborhood who lost their 15 year old with no comorbities that it could not possibly have been covid because there was 0% chance of him dying. Did you know that the most recent studies have shown that 1 in 3 covid survivors suffers some mental illness or neurological disorder within 6 months of contracting the disease? Did you say you had already had covid?
  6. Ahhh, so I thought. Perhaps you graduated from that esteemed university, OAN, whose mascot is the fox.
  7. May I ask where you received your medical degree? And where you did your fellowships in epidemiology or a similar specialty? It would help to know your credentials to ascertain whether your assessment of the knowledge of the CDC and the WHO personnel is backed by your actual expertise in virology.
  8. I can't imagine DeSantis' executive order holding up in court. The Supreme Court has already ruled that business have the right to serve the customers according to their beliefs. If a baker doesn't have to provide services to the LGBTQ community, or pharmacists don't have to fill prescriptions that are against their beliefs, it is going to be hard to prove that a business has to provide services to unvaccinated people, who are not even a protected class, if their belief is that unvaccinated people in their business is detrimental to their business model. One of my chil
  9. I don't think mandating vaccines will hurt business, most likely it will help business. Recent surveys by Royal Caribbean and even here on Cruise Critic show that over 80% of current customers prefer a fully vaccinated ship. Since cruising has such a bad reputation of being a petrie dish (undeserved) in the non-cruising population, it would be easy to surmise that having a fully vaccinated ship would attract some of those people, perhaps even enough to cover the 20% who don't want fully vaccinated cruises.
  10. Won't go anywhere. This is the third bill introduced by senators since Covid started. The first one was introduced last Setember by Rubio and Scott when the Republicans had the senate and it didn't go anywhere. It ended up in McConnell's graveyard where apparently even Republican sponsored bills could go. The second one was introduced in March by Murkowski to allow ships to sail to Alaska without having to stop in Canada. That bill is still waiting. If recent history continues, this bill won't even have Republican (McConnell) support, let alone bipartisan support.
  11. In my state, due to so many adverse reactions that are requiring hospitalizations, use of the J&J has been temporarily suspended. The big vaccine drives are only giving the mRNA vaccines now. Several states are reporting shutting down the use of the J&J till further investigation can be done.
  12. Good point. Doesn't make sense at all, does it.? I should probably go have some more medicinal coffee.
  13. I don't wear a mask outside either. It is around my neck though so that I can put it on while I pass people. I want to be conscious that they may be a bit more nervous about unmasked people outside. I was wearing a mask occasionally in a car. I am sure people passing by me thought I was absolutely crazy. But what they couldn't see due to the darkness of the windows, is that I had a passenger in the back seat that was not in our bubble. Perception is often far removed from reality.
  14. And this kind of health/mask shaming is exactly why we we can't have nice things (like cruising) in our country. Don't be so quick to mock the precautions those across the pond have been adhereing to. At least the UK is getting cruising back this summer. And don't blame the CDC. Blame the numbers, the science, and the number of covid deniers we have in this country. I thought the anti-science people were famous for saying "You do you, let me do me?" Why the constant mocking of people who take more precautions than others? You have no idea why they are taking more pre
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