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  1. What mistake did you make? You bid what you were comfortable with. If you are comfortable with the higher bid, up your bid. Or are you just irritated that someone else may now bid higher than you now? As others have said, just call RCL and see how much it would be to upgrade outright if you want the suite so desperately. And no, I would not be irritated. Guaranteed. I would bid what I was comfortable bidding, whether it was the maximum or lower. If I was allowed to bid more later and I was comfortable with it, I would just up my bid. But most likely, my original bid would have been the highest I would bid no matter what the maximum was. I find the fun in RoyalUp in bidding the minimum and seeing if I win. If I don't, oh well, I booked the cabin I wanted at booking. No way would I be irritated if the maximum changed. More power to them if they can bid the higher maximum.
  2. Just going by what everyone else has said, that their observations are 5-20% in full regalia.
  3. Don't be self conscious. If you read these dress police threads, those the dress up have dwindled down to the most 20%. That means that 80% will be casually dressed. The ONLY opinion that matters is the person standing at the door to the dining venue. If they say it is ok, be comfortable. Nobody who is enjoying their family, friends, and food (that 80%) are going to even give a second glance to anyone who walks in the dining room. Even with the 20% of those that love to dress formal, the majority don't care what others are wearing. The 5% that rely on stranger's type of clothing for them to enjoy their dinner, that is their problem. They are the gossips, the Gladys's (Bewitched reference) of this world and not to be taken seriously. 95% are able to enjoy their own experience without relying on perfect strangers. I always wonder how you can enjoy your dinner and the people you are with if you are constantly scanning the dining room, tut-tutting and judging others. I really can't imagine how your dinner can be ruined because the guy across the massive dining room is in shorts, especially after his legs are under the table. Only you can make your dinner experience enjoyable. It is a choice. If someone chooses to have their dinner ruined over some stranger's t-shirt, that is on them. Your dress sounds fine, especially for you. FTR - We choose to dress Caribbean Formal. Khakis, polo shirts, bright sundresses. We are on vacation. With my husband's job, we have to attend way too many charity events where we are dressed to the nines. Dinner is on a cruise ship, not a 5* restaurant. Looking clean and presentable, even in shorts or jeans, is fine as long as the person at the door says it is fine. If we have fun at our table, you can show up in a bathrobe for all I care. The person is way more important than the clothing they wear. My dinner certainly won't be ruined.
  4. I want to quarantine in the Royal Loft Suite that is getting bumped
  5. The airmini has a little cartridge that provides some humidity. But I am with you. I used to turn off my humidity when I travel in humid places when I would lug the big one around. This one is so easy to pop into my carry on or even my purse. One of my best purchases ever.
  6. I send in requests for an extension cord, a medical fridge, and sharps container through the special needs form. I have always received an email back saying my request has been received. Whether that translates to the requests being in the cabin or not when we get there is hit or miss. However, the cabin steward has always had the items in the cabin shortly after we asked. Our first CL suite, the cabin steward showed us we don't need an extension cord for my cpap because there are little known about plugs behind the bed. So no biggie on that one. The medical fridge made me nervous the first time it wasn't in the cabin because that one is crucial. The coolers in the room cannot be trusted for meds and my meds can only be at over 40 degrees for a few hours. But it has never been an issue. I don't call to verify anymore because it is so easy to get the stuff when you are in your cabin if it is not there when you arrive. Love that I don't need distilled water any more with my airmini cpap!
  7. Just curious, is purchasing a 2 device plan that much more expensive than going out and purchasing a travel router? Less hassle seems to be worth the miniscule extra money.
  8. The good old days, right before the world turned upside down and all we had to worry about is whether a dog being held was a service dog, an ESA or a pet. I would give anything right now to return to that world and be happy to see the dog on board 😁
  9. It should go away soon. Pfizer just announced they were submitting their results for children's vaccinations in the next day or two. It is estimated to be approved before Halloween. That should take care of most of the children that are considered as unvaccinated today and only leave the under 5s as unvaxxed. The ships will be pretty much 100% vaxxed since the 5s and up will also be all vaxxed. That is if Royal keeps with their protocols of everyone who is eligible needs to be vaccinated.
  10. The OP said they are used to tight spaces from camping. I know I would NEVER trade a balcony room for an inside, even two insides. That to me is insanity. I would much rather sleep on the sofa bed than trade a balcony for an inside room. Even a crap balcony room with the guarantee is far better than any inside for us. It is all about priorities and what can or cannot work within those priorities. A balcony to have coffee on in the morning or to sit on in the evenings before bed is one of our #1 priorities. Just because you like 2 insides does not mean everyone would. Your definition of insanity is far different than mine and most likely many other people.
  11. You and your husband could always take the sofa bed and split the queen into 2 twins for the tall boys.
  12. Walgreens, at least in my state, is only doing boosters by walk in. You can't sign up for it online so there is no "box" to check. Just bring your CDC card and they fill out the 3rd shot. I am not 65 however my cardiologist told me to get it right away. Technically, I don't qualify, but went and got it under doctor's recommendations. I walked into Walgreens, handed over my CDC card, and 5 minutes later they were putting a needle in my arm. No questions asked. And they did have my age as they did log me into my account to document the vaccination. There are over a million people to date that have received the booster and are not immune compromised nor 65 and over.
  13. You don't even have to lie. Walgreens is doing walk-ins for booster shots and at least in my region, no questions asked.
  14. I would love to hate WIFI but unfortunately, my husband's "vacation" time is not really a true vacation where we can completely unplug. We are in our 60's so still working. Mr. husband is required to be available 24x7, even while on vacation. They will only contact him if absolutely necessary, but we have yet to have a vacation where he didn't have to log in at least a couple of times to resolve an issue. Looking forward to retirement when uplugging will be easier.
  15. Great cabin! If you booked one of the 2 bedroom grand suites on deck 12 (just Oasis and Allure,) you get a bonus hot tub on your big balcony. (picture not mine, from Cruisedeckplans.com)
  16. But then you would have to take the JUNIOR perks away. Since you did minor in marketing, perhaps you have forgotten the typical use of the word JUNIOR in the commercial world. Let me remind you since you seem to not realize that JUNIOR perfectly explains the suite. jun·ior /ˈjo͞onyər/ 2. low or lower in rank or status. "part of my function is to supervise those junior to me" The JUNIOR suite still gets partial suite benefits such as double points, priority embarkation, reservations when available for dinner in the CK, upgraded toiletries, and a few others. Since it says JUNIOR in it, you cannot expect full suite benefits such as the suite deck. Not sure what is fraudulent about Royal Caribbean using a common adjective (JUNIOR) to clearly describe a room with lesser amenities that a full suite, especially using a word commonly used in MARKETING to denote an item that is lesser than its counterpart. If you order a JUNIOR cheeseburger at McDonalds, is McDonalds fraudulent for serving you a much smaller cheeseburger? If you are a JUNIOR Marketing manager, would you expect the same salary as a full Marketing Manager? For someone who minored in marketing, you clearly have no clue what JUNIOR denotes in the marketing world.
  17. You have to knock on the door of the Windjammer. The name is deceiving. Inside where?
  18. But it already has the word JUNIOR in it. That pretty much tells you that you are not getting full suite amenities. Sheesh And really. Royal is pretty damn clear what the Sea Class gets. Not sure what is confusing about it or the name.
  19. As of right now, no. Assuming you are leaving out of Florida, here are the protocols for all cruises leaving out of Florida: Going Ashore Healthy Shore Excursions Royal Caribbean has worked with local tour operators to ensure they follow our Healthy Sail Panel health guidance for all Shore Excursions. These tours are available at a variety of price points and may be purchased in advance on Cruise Planner or once onboard using the Royal Caribbean App. Requirements for Going Ashore Below are our current tour requirements at ports of call, which are subject to change as we continue to evaluate circumstances around the globe. No Tours Required for Vaccinated Guests Fully vaccinated parties may book a shore excursion or visit the port freely. Tours for Families Families traveling with unvaccinated kids must purchase a local tour through Royal Caribbean if they wish to go ashore. This applies to all ports of call except Perfect Day at CocoCay, and Port Canaveral, Florida. Vaccinated parents wishing to go ashore freely can visit our youth facilities onboard to learn about drop off program hours and availability, and reserve time for their child on the day they wish to go in port. Tours Recommended in Port Canaveral, Florida For ships that stop at Port Canaveral, we strongly recommend that families traveling with unvaccinated kids purchase a local tour through Royal Caribbean if they wish to go ashore. Additionally, we recommend the use of face masks when going ashore. No Tours Required at Perfect Day Tours or planned activities are not required of any guest who wishes to go ashore at Perfect Day at CocoCay, our private destination.
  20. This. You might get lucky. Someone posted on another group that they did the same thing to them on Oasis. They were moved up to a Crown Loft Suite.
  21. I agree. But to not have the actual counts on each ship makes it very difficult to make a decision on one's own health. The CDC is a generalized warning and should be taken seriously but also balanced with the actual covid data from ships.
  22. How does one make an informed decision without full information?
  23. Why in the world would you spend that kind of money on a cruise? It isn't anything special + right now campsites are empty, so no problem getting one*. Just pitch a tent and save money. Doesn't sound ridiculous to you for me to question your choices on how you spend your money? People spend money on what they enjoy. Your choices are definitely not the only choices and are only right for you. Your post only makes you sound very jealous. To the OP: We had two overwater cabanas booked on canceled cruises and for both of them we only put one name on it. We were told 8 wristbands would be in our cabin for the rest of the people who were going to use the cabana. *In pre-covid times, campsites were usually available. Not so much now.
  24. They have to draw the line somewhere. The CDC says 12 and over. The world's regulatory agencies say a person is not fully vaccinated until 2 week post the recommended doses. It is not approved for someone 11 and 364 days old. If the rules changed to say that all children 12 and over including children turning 12 within 2 months of cruising should be allowed, then the parent that has a child turning 12 and 2 months + 1 day would be in the same boat you are in now, demanding that the one day should not make a difference. No matter what the time line is, some children are going to fall within that "not able to be vaxxed" area. I feel for your dilemma, but I also see why Royal Caribbean and the various island governments need to establish a line somewhere. You need to be 12 years old to receive the vaccine per the CDC and that no one of any age is considered fully vaccinated until 2 weeks after the recommended doses, or the second one of Pfizer in the case of 12 year olds.
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