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    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    My wife and I were on the Dawn's 14 day Caribbean in Oct/Nov 2018. I bid on three upgrades and received emails on all three two days before we set sail advising that all three were declined. At 2:00 pm the day before we set sail I received a call. Caller ID did not show any name but a very long number starting with the letter "V". I usually let nomorobo answer these for me but for some reason I answered it. It was NCL saying they had a last minute cancellation and asked If I still wanted it. Went from a balcony to an aft facing Penthouse with large balcony, butler and concierge. Makes me wonder how many people didn't answer their phone before it got to me! Sailing again on the Gem next October. We'll try again since we're now spoiled...no going back!