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  1. I've also had an Aft penthouse (loved it) on the Dawn and soot was not a problem. I could occasionally smell cigarette smoke and wondered if it was from another aft balcony or a side balcony or possibly from the smoking area deck above on the side of the ship. If you're thinking of booking any of the mentioned cabins in this thread be aware, it's hard if not impossible to go back!
  2. Never had a problem using our balcony furniture while at sea. Maybe it had to do with the sea conditions? Used ours nonstop at sea and in port, as you can see from the video.
  3. I've had inside cabins, balconies, suites, Aft and Forward facing, but my favorite was the forward facing center suite 10000 on the Norwegian Gem. Because of the Navigation room above you get extra living room space and a balcony that's half sunny and half shaded! Not to mention the forward facing views! I'm not a fan of the breakaway class ships that do not have the forward cabins with forward balconies but hope the new Leonardo class ships have them. According to the artist renderings it looks like they will! So what's your favorite and why? Post some video and pics while your at it. I miss
  4. So 3 days out and I pulled all of my bids...but, over the last month I went from my original balcony room 9652, to an aft balcony 10168, to a forward facing penthouse room 10000. It cost me nothing to switch to the aft balcony when prices dropped a few weeks ago to below what I originally paid. Then the Havens and Penthouses started to drop. I was mostly interested in the FF Penthouse which was priced at $4849 last March. It dropped in price to $4699, then $4499, then $4229 all in July, $3999 in August, $3799 to $3629 to $3599 to $3299 in September and settling in at $3199 in early October. M
  5. DOUBLE?!?!? What are you drinking? 😉 and or smoking!!😋
  6. If you're used to DD's then the coffee in your cabin will be undrinkable.
  7. I feel the same way, two week cruises in mid fall are not packed, no children, and we love to meet new people so it seems pointless, BUT...we have not experienced the Haven so we are really curious.
  8. So for an extra ?thousand dollars I get gummy bears, cookies, the same meals in a less crowded restaurant, possible spa access, real scrambled eggs, a much roomier and nicer cabin, private sundeck, butler, concierge, priority em/disembark, better seating at shows,etc...am I missing anything? I experienced much of this on the Dawn last year in the Aft Penthouse and did enjoy it but is it worth it or better to go on two cruises instead??? Something to think about and as most of you have said...we each have our own reasons for liking and disliking it. When I'm on vacation, I don't co
  9. Cost wise...your cons (and mine) seem to outweigh the pros. Although I have not yet cancelled my bids, I just lowered them to the minimums and will probably ultimately cancel them. Priority disembarkation was great but in my opinion not worth the upgrade cost. The mystery butler made me laugh...told the wife last week she had to go to the room before me and make a stop at the buffet for cookies so I'd think we had a butler! And, again as you said and as I have been thinking...it's all puffery to make you feel special, which it does, but at a huge cost. Think I'll book another cruise instead as
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