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  1. Deck 11 room 205. We are finally at 75. But it won't go any lower. I'm guessing the outside temp is helping a bit!
  2. unreal !!!!! Here is our temps over the last 5 days on an interior stateroom . In no order! $200 for no sleep for a solid 4 nights for all 3 of us. We have had 3 cruises in 4 months! And have another in 30 days. Is this how royal treats their loyal customers !!??? I would have been satisfied with a 25% return. Instead we get another slap in the face with $200. Because we are in an interior state room instead of a balcony or suite this time. Room 11 205
  3. I'm not sure yet. We have a # that we deal with directly for diamond members. I'll be calling them.
  4. Mine still isn't fixed! Its deffinately cooler....but still 77
  5. What a joke!!!! We are soooooo upset with royal...
  6. $200. Rebate for 5 days of no sleep. Our room is still hot. Not as hot as it was but with the door open to the hall it's still 75° from 86 and 89° Slap in the face from a person who spends tens of thousands a year with royal !!!
  7. I know exactly what your sayin.... There is no good place to get a good nights sleep with your family...if it was just me and my wife we could sleep outside or in the diamond lounge. But there's drunks and parties and music blasting everywhere. We cruise again in 30 days on symphony and are now talking about cancelling. Depending on how this is handled.
  8. Yep figured that out pretty fast....when the drawer above heated up.
  9. Were also an inside cabin with virtual balcony...make sure the virtual balcony tv is turned off..!!! We dropped from 86 to 83 just turning that off.! Hall door open all night we are now down to 79. I even opened up the fridge for a while to get more cool air.
  10. Yep deck 11 205 door open sitting at 83° down from 86°
  11. Yes....we have many friends who work on the ship. There are a few of them as well that have no a.c.
  12. Just an update.! Night 3 no a.c. at 10:46pm ship time. Room with the door open is still 84°. With door closed was 86° with no one in here. I expect to be back up to 89° if we sleep here again. Going down to the diamond lounge and may sleep there.
  13. I just got back to my room.....still no a.c. room is still at 85° we are heading down to the diamond lounge and may sleep there!
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