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  1. Great information. Thank you
  2. Thank you, appreciate the information
  3. New cruiser question here. If a ship is scheduled to be in port from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, is that the actual time in that port? Ex- Ship arrives by 3:00pm, then takes x amount of time to dock and unload. Or the ship is usually at a port on schedule and you can be off the ship from 3:00pm until your all aboard time? Thanks for your information.
  4. That is a great tip! Appreciate that. thank you
  5. The cruise we were looking at has been canceled. As first time cruisers we were just trying to figure out plans for a different cruise since ours has been canceled. The port would have been Victoria BC before it was canceled.
  6. Yes thank you. That was a typo with the time. Rookie mistake. Thanks
  7. Thank you, appreciate the information.
  8. Good to know, thank you. Would you happen to know about how long it takes to get off the ship once you arrive in port?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Some of the cruises we have been considering the time scheduled to leave port are 10 or 11pm. Long day potentially.
  10. Hello. We are looking to take a cruise with NCL next year. (Hopefully). We're wondering about how long does it take to disembark once you reach a port. For example if we arrive at a port at 7:00am if we scheduled dinner at 8:00pm would that allow us enough time to make it off and to a local restaurant? Thank you!
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