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  1. Hey Kim finally able to check in from Quebec. Happy about the news.
  2. I didn’t mean to imply it was hazardous as I would never have anything dangerous in my own home. I have brought it on every cruise and even left it out in the open and it was never taken. I wonder why MSC doesn’t have irons for us to borrow like on other cruise lines?
  3. Someone posted that they were able to take a portable one on along with a curling iron. I’m bringing a vey small travel one. If they find it, they can have it. It’s old anyway😉 time for a new one.
  4. I’m sure on behalf of all the silent followers, we thank you for updating so quickly when you read about our concerns. I find it hard to go a day without checking in to see how you are and if anything changed. I leave Tuesday on a 10 day cruise and will not have internet except at ports but I will find a way to check in. Feel better and watch that Gabapentin, it’s a doozy. I was on 2700 mg a day for my MS neuropathy until I decided it was really not helping with the nerve pain but making me feel weird. I stopped it and just learned to live with the neuropathy pain which definitely isn’t fun. Hope yours goes away.
  5. Last update was Thursday at 9:33 am. Is anyone who is also silently following concerned? I sure am. Praying all is ok with you Kim. Please try to let us all know who are praying for you daily.
  6. You might remember from my other post to you on a different thread (formal night wear) that this Oct will be my first on MSC so I have no idea about their differences in levels or experiences. I have only sailed NCL where we are Platinum + so this all new to me. I rely on my fellow cc’ers to help and guide me in the right direction. Thanks
  7. It’s in US$ Bea. I originally got the easy package included because of the Aurea booking. I emailed my MSC cruise consultant to ask the difference in price would be and she quoted me me $352 for both. I told her I would think about it after looking over the drink list. I’m not a wine snob but thought about drinking house wines only up to $6.00 and my DH only drinking Heineken tap, which he likes but also enjoys other brands as well, for 17 days would get boring. I emailed her to add it on with a note that if it gets offered somewhere down the road as a promo, we’ll adjust it then. It just might be a slight mathematical error and I was not aware how she came across this either. Maybe divided by 17 days and not the actual 16 days.
  8. We have a 17 day TA from CPH to NYC booked on Meraviglia in Aurea Duplex suite and cost us 176 pp to upgrade to premium drink package.
  9. Thanks Bea, glad I won’t feel out of place then.
  10. Beamafar, we are also on this sailing but in the YC. First time on MSC and curious about formal nights. We have never been on a cruise that had formal or gala nights. Can we just stay away from them? We wear usually docker type for DH and I wear somewhat business casual dress pants and a nice top. Will this be acceptable in YC for dinners? I have read that no shorts after 6 PM? I sometimes bring capris which I hope are ok . Thanks for your help.
  11. Ours was supposedly sold out too but she was able to find another cabin for us. I believe they hold back some and not put all on their website.
  12. We had that exact cabin booked on our upcoming October 2019 cruise but heard from another CC member that it is very noisy with the wind and the windows were dirty and really couldn’t see out so I called my PCC and she changed it. Here is one of the photos I have from my research if it helps. I’m sorry but no longer have the rest.
  13. Apparently you have nothing better to do than put your two cents in on way too many forums I have read. All I said was that it wasn’t Aquafina anymore and NCL branded water that they probably get at practically no cost, which in turn makes them more money not paying for the ‘Aquafina’ brand name. And like I said, I am happy drinking tap and don’t buy bottled water. Exactly. Thank you Ptroxx. But we know NCL stopped guests from bringing water, soda, iced tea and other beverages on board. That’s why I don’t buy water and just get the two bottles as a Platinum Plus member. Zqvol, yes they are, but when I became Platinum we got Aquafina water as a perk. I didn’t imply that I was forced to buy water. And as I said, we’re very happy drinking the tap. All I tried to point out was that who knows where the ‘NCL’ branded water comes from? At least Aquafina is a PepsiCo company, something most of us are aware of. Where do you think NCL branded water comes from?
  14. On our last cruise in May there was NCL labels on the bottles. Friend bought 2 cases thinking it would be Aquafina but alas, it wasn’t. I’m good drinking water from tap. Just another way NCL makes more money. LOL
  15. When we started with NCL back in 2010 and when they had the old dining pricing in effect, I vaguely remember that the Chinese was also one of the specialties. That was on the Dawn but then on another, Gem 🤔 (not 100% sure) it became complimentary. I liked the lemon pepper shrimp we had on the Pearl in May.
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