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  1. Today I received my YC deposit from Nov 2021 cruise that I canceled in Nov 2020.
  2. I was told from X it will be 30-45 days for refund. Amazing I got it in 8 days. Now on my MSC cruise that I canceled because of change of ship, I was told 60 days but don’t expect it for more like 120 days. 😏
  3. We had a 9 night booked for May 6th and would have done a L & S if there were any dates for May 2022 but I didn't see any either. Rather than waiting for X to cancel which we knew was inevitable since it had been removed from their website, I canceled it on 11/17. Happy to say my $900.00 deposit was posted to my cc today, 8 days later. Thanks X
  4. We were told the same thing about our 5/6/2021 Summit booking. When I asked if it was because cdc might require only 7 day cruises they said they didn’t know anything about that. It would have been our first Celebrity cruise and we were booked in the Retreat. I canceled the cruise. Sad.
  5. They told me the same info twice when I called to ask about it on different days. Then today they had the nerve to call me and tried pushing me to book their specialty restaurants and shore excursions which are refundable if anything happened. When I explained that I was not interested in excursions because we have friends in Bermuda but would like to know if we would be required to use their excursions or not be allowed off the ship, I was told they have a great excursion where I can have 4 hours of free walk around time. Are they kidding?? We’ve been there numerous times and have
  6. I called X today and they told me the 3 in May and first one in June are all sold out. Funny, they were all available to book just a few days ago. I asked if it’s because they will only be able to do 7 nights, no response. Then why only are the 9 and 10 days sold out? Again no response. Hmmmmm too.
  7. Thank you for understanding and I didn’t think you were being insensitive to my or anyone else’s feelings intentionally. You were lucky to have a dad who had that sense of humor. Unfortunately my dad couldn’t breathe without oxygen and suffered until his death. But this is a happy forum, so all good and God bless them all. I thank you honestly and humbly for your reply. Be safe and be well.
  8. Mrs TravelBug, May I please ask why would you post ads like this? My dad died of lung cancer because he smoked Lucky Strike cigarettes for 60 years? A mistake? Of course, but at the time who really was aware of the dangers? He had quit 20 years prior to his death but that didn’t stop his demise as a young 80 year old. I also smoked for 30 years and quit 10 years prior to my lung cancer diagnosis. It didn’t stop my lung cancer from forming and still required a lobectomy of my lung. It is only my opinion that these ads are not humorous but if you feel they are, can you please not p
  9. Dating myself but does anyone remember 5 cent White Castle hamburgers? Then they went up to 7 cents. As a kid we always liked to have them deliver to the car with their ‘hook over the car window’ trays because there was no seating inside the one by us. What memories we had as kids and so sad to think of the memories our grandkids will have. 😢
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