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  1. Exactly and that’s why I cancelled both cruises. Got my $330.00 refund on Emerald already, just waiting for my $2.00 from the Island. 😉😂😉😂. Just a joke!
  2. Thank you Steelers36, yes they do have a good one and the only difference with NCL is the two free personal bottles you are allowed. Both have unlimited amounts you can bring and both a $15.00 corkage fee. In all honesty, I really don’t think it pays to have the sip and sail promo and then have to, not only purchase my wine, but then lug it on board along with suitcases etc. We have never sailed on Princess and these 2 would have been our first time. I have decided to cancel both and rebooked with another line. Happy cruising to all!
  3. Thanks ggprincess2004, that’s exactly how I feel. Beringer’s WZ 750 go for about $5.??(1.5 mags $6.97) at Total Wine then add to it the 15.00 corkage, it’s still only $21.00 per bottle. On another cruise line they charge something like $28-32.00 per bottle, so still ahead in my eyes. Only issue is that I don’t have any OBC for this cruise like I do on some. Might have to transfer to a TA to see about that. I’ll still keep sip and sail for DH though.
  4. voljeep & Astro Flyer, thanks for your replies. Island and Emerald Princess are the ships. One has Vines and the other Sabatini’s but I think it would be a little expensive eating at a specialty dining venue every night😉. I called Princess and they confirmed it’s fleet wide so no WZ anywhere. Oh well, cancelled the Emerald and will keep the Island as it goes ex NYC and I can bring a case for the 16 day trip. It would only cost me $150.00 corkage but they wanted me to pay 898.00 more in deposit to get the $1000.00 OBC since I booked it with $1.00 deposit. Didn’t happen the last two times when I added the newest promos. I said thanks, but no thanks, keep the sip and sail on. At least DH can have his beer. Neither of us drink any hard liquor or those fancy ones with the umbrellas. That’s just us, beer and wine is all we need. Happy cruising!
  5. I too only drink mostly WZ and sometimes a Riesling. Is WZ not available only in the dining room or all over the ship? I have the sip and sail promo but without my choice of wine, the two 750 bottles I can bring will not last 16 days. I like to have a glass of wine with dinner or just relaxing listening to music, but want to enjoy my favorite wine. So my choices would be, change promo to the new $1000.00 OBC to cover DH’s beer and use some to pay the corkage on a case of wine, or just cancel the two cruises I have booked with Princess and go elsewhere. 😫 not a fun decision. To Stevea20, thank you for posting this, otherwise I would have never known until I got onboard.
  6. I believe with those new hefty price increases, NCL is pushing everyone to get the SDP. This way they can make the extra money on the specialty dining and then all the MDR meals which are included in your fare, will not be used (money saver). Let’s not forget on top of that, the extra 20% in gratuities. Can you imagine your bill for 4 at the end of the ala carte meal? Outrageous. The infamous Shrimp cocktail at Cagney’s that was once ~ $7.99, then went to a $4.99 upcharge, then down to a $3.99 upcharge, then back to being included but with an ala carte price of $13.00. Way to go NCL!!!
  7. As a 63 year old grandmother to 7 1/2 twins who I have watched since they were 3 weeks old, I beg to differ. My parents watched my two kids from birth while I worked and I completely and wholeheartedly trusted them as my son trusts us. We take them on vacations alone since they were 2 years old and still remember to bring them back, alive and unhurt. Truth be known, I am more aware of the dangers that can happen then these new 30 something parents think. If you don’t think this is a condemnation of us loving and watchful grandparents, then you’re mistaken. Apparently you must be very monetarily comfortable to not have to rely on grandparents to help. We live in NYC and a two income household leaves little left for unrelated daycare personnel to watch our beloved grandkids. JMHO
  8. Doug, although you have no idea who I am, I have followed your build of the Bliss from beginning to end and that is why I booked it to Alaska. I also have been following the Encore and wow, what a difference lately in the people’s personalities who post. I was so envious of the cruisers on the inaugural’s sailing of the Bliss and the great M&G you guys had, all the planning you and Sue did with the invitations and other stuff, not to mention what it must have cost you personally. I am still following Encore’s build but will not be sailing her. Keep up the good work.
  9. As a grandparent, can anyone please take the time to imagine how HE must feel?? Please stop to think about that. I cannot even go to that place as a grandma to twin granddaughters. RIP little one, I’m sure Grandpa feels devastated and would trade places in a moment, I know I would.
  10. I email my cruise constant and she calls me when I ask her to. Done!
  11. Sad to say she didn’t make it.
  12. We were on the Pearl TA the next day and because of how they treated the Getaway cruisers, after my pre-booked Panama Canal cruise and sorry for that now, I don’t plan on sailing with them ever again. I now have MSC and 2 Princess Cruises booked. If they can do what they did to you cruisers, some who had to reschedule because of that crane accident, then shame on them! NCL are you listening? We are Platinum + and done with you.
  13. Hmmmm??? Increased DSC? Maybe $16.00 per person per day? Gratuity at 22%? Increase in Specialty dining, oh wait! that’s been done already. 🤔
  14. I too remember those days, $10 La Cucina, $20.00 Le Bistro, around $25.00 Teppanyaki and Cagney’s but those days are long gone. We started with NCL in 2010 and that’s how it was and we went to three every cruise we took. DSC was $12.00 pp per day, now it’s $15.00 (non suite). There were no additional gratuities and now they are at 20%. On the other hand, I am glad I find out about these increases on CC as my PCC never thinks to call to inform me of them. I am Platinum + and get two free meals but the amount you are allowed changes as quick as a blink of the eye. Extra for $4.99 for shrimp cocktail in Cagney's, now the upcharge is gone. If it wasn’t for CC, I wouldn’t have known that specialty prices went up by $10.00 and the price limit on vouchers was now $35.00 instead of $20 before and then $25.00. We are in the group that made NCL what it is, not the millennials. All FDR did was to send me over to MSC and Princess, who by the way, give you premier beverage package with the grats included unlike NCL’s ridiculous per day charge of $99.00 then an additional 20% on top of that. Honestly, it’s their loss, not mine. BTW, we mostly stayed in the Haven and happy to go to the Yacht Club.
  15. We’re sailing same day and I patiently waited for JetBlue to open their flights for either Jan 31 or Feb 1. I called them every week until someone was able to let me know the exact date flights would open. On June 9, I could only book one way as they only opened flights until Feb 12 and got it with one bag for $141. When I first heard about the Super Bowl being same weekend I booked hotel rooms for around 144-170 per night at few different locations because I wasn’t sure what airport or day would be cheaper to fly in to, FLL or PBI, Friday or Saturday. Rented a car with Alamo and Enterprise to pick up in FLL, drive to hotel and then return car to MIA where each of them have a shuttle to the port. The only reason I booked more than just one was because I was worried that maybe my reservation might get ‘lost’. Still checking JetBlue for my return flight home😫
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