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  1. Astromaid, how lucky are you to have both special dates so close together. We’re both in the middle of any milestone numbers in 2023. Enjoy 😊
  2. Astromaid, are you looking at the June or August? We’re planning on doing Aug 30. We are not using Viking Air on that one but are using it on our December Hawaii trip. Paid 100 pp to arrive one day early and 50 pp to choose my airline. Since we had the December booked, we were given final payment date in 6 months for our October one.
  3. Hint. Researched and found out that MSC uses only one format for email, first name.last name@MSCCruisesusa.com. Just look for the top (corporate) names and send a group email.
  4. Dexddd, on Meraviglia today and Luis remembers us. Thanks again.
  5. Maybe they’re waiting until 11/01/2021 when some changes might be made.
  6. Just tried to book my free casino cruise with MSC in June for my friend and I. I asked if it was ok for her to travel with me since she is Canadian and knowing she was just canceled from another cruise. I was told she cannot travel and that they were turning Canadians away at the pier. I was flabbergasted that they would do this without consideration of costs for these cruisers. But then again, it’s MSC. Honestly if I wasn’t talking directly to MSC, I would not have believed it. Good luck to you.
  7. Our Canadian friend along with others were booted off Meraviglia 10/30/21 and when asked was told by the TA something to do with not being able to get COVID insurance. I’d call and check but things might change after 11/1/21.
  8. Thanks very much dexddd. We had him on the Canadian cruise in October 2019 and we will be on Meraviglia in a week or so. We were a group of 8 last time and he really took great care of us. This time we’re 10.
  9. Dexddd, can you let me who is the Maitre’d in the YC and if Caio is still at the concierge desk?
  10. All I hope is that people learn the difference between using their, there, they’re, we’re, where, wear, hear and here. Sorry, but just gets to me.
  11. Viking, just a question for you. On all my cruises (18+) we were always advised prior by reading on their dailies that they will be washing the balconies and to keep our curtains closed. Is this the same with your line as we have two booked?
  12. My mom and aunt took us as a surprise when my brother was 7 and I was 9. They landed by helicopter and between that noise, the girls SCREAMING and the sound of people getting sick all around us, no one could hear anything. Definitely not sorry that we got to and witness this and for the price of $5.50 per ticket, it was a bargain. 😉☺️
  13. I hope not at only almost 66😉😉 I just enjoyed music when I was a kid. Was at Shea stadium to see the Beatles when I was 9. Still have my ticket stubs. 😂😂😂
  14. The cabin has been assigned to us since it was booked back in Nov 2019 and paid in full so it should never have shown as available.
  15. Same happened to us but when I tried a second mock booking again, it was gone. You should be ok.
  16. Just booked Viking Octantis ‘Caribbean Connections’ for 10/13/2022. 🤗
  17. Just booked Viking Octantis Caribbean Connections for 10/13/22 and because of the info I found on this thread I was able to delay final until 6 months out since we have Orion booked for 12/4. Thanks everyone for your input, it was very helpful. 🤗🤗🤗
  18. Me too so I called this morning and they were not able to fix room assignment and couldn’t send me the docs. Suggested I call TA tomorrow. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  19. Yes no Canadians unfortunately. We’re hearing rumors that it’s going to be canceled but so far it’s still on and that could be just because their website desperately needs help. My room is showing available one day, then gone the next when I do a mock booking. It says my cruise is 20 days but my room is not assigned (not true) so no edocs available. Just recently all the cruises on their site were gone but back the next day.
  20. You are correct. MSC canceled all Canadian passengers from their US cruises including those on our cruise of 10/2. Our friend who was on the 10/30 received notification on Sept 2 from her TA.
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