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  1. I agree the situation is terrible, but how hard is it to at least put the Moon's new South America cruises on the website? That's the reason for my bad job comment.
  2. I glad I didn't drink the cool aid. Silversea is doing a bad job.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking! Well said.
  4. What does Silversea typically do if your flight arrives very early in the morning on sail date and transfers are included?
  5. Lois...... Can you please tell me about your Panorama Suite. Thanks
  6. So now after your first leg you have to pack up,leave the ship with your bags, take a covid test wait for results and if negative return to the ship to your same room! Why can't they give a test the night before? I hope Silversea does not follow suit.
  7. Or just let SS drive and if they cancel you get 100% refund or 110% future cruise credit. And by the way we are on the same cruise!
  8. Flights are not included for our legs ( got a credit ). I have not booked yet.
  9. I hope your wrong but think your right. Barbados or The Bahamas will replace Fort Lunderdale and everything else stays the same including South America.
  10. I check every day and nothing so far. Don't be to green, we are doing only the 3rd and 4th legs for a total of 37 days.
  11. Well said. We had a veranda booked for the 3rd leg and changed to Vista to justify adding the 4 leg. So basically we went from 21 days in a veranda to 37 days in a Vista.
  12. I hope you're correct, but Celebrity canceled cruises and I would think there homeport is in the US.
  13. Congrats! I would be happy if I got a Panorama, with only 6 Vista suites and 3 of them are wheelchair accessible,hopefully I will get upgraded.
  14. We are booked on the 3rd and 4th legs of a 75 day cruise on the Dawn departing Jan. 3rd in a suite gty. However when you check Suites & Fares on Jan 3rd only 3 veranda suites categories are available and the rest of the ship is wait listed. How is that possible? And does that mean we get a upgrade to a veranda?
  15. CDC rule prohibits cruise ships based outside of United States from returning for 14 days. According to the CDC, the current requirements indicate that all ships operating with passengers outside of U.S. waters (i.e. ships with a homeport outside of the U.S.) will not be eligible to enter U.S. waters until 14 days after the last passenger disembarks. Celebrity Cruises announced it has cancelled 4 sailings of Celebrity Summit between August 28 and September 11, 2021 because of the CDC's rule. So the only way we can get ships here is to sail empty to the US?
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