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  1. This is good, thanks! I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it, figure I can always cancel later if I change my mind.
  2. The Voom for our December cruise on Rhapsody is at 9.49 for one device, lowest I've seen it. I'm wondering thought, with leaving from Tampa and our first day in Key West if I'll really need it until day 3. Might be better to buy it onboard for the rest of the cruise (7 night). Does the Cellular at Sea kick in on the trip from Tampa to Key West or does the ship stay in range of cell towers? Also, anyone have a recent idea of what buying on board costs? Thanks!
  3. We are planning a December cruise, family of 4 with college age son and daughter. I have found two cruises that fit the bill, but would be great to have some advice. We like a good beach day and a good adventure hiking and exploring, so open to almost anything! We are big fans of snorkeling. I believe the ships are very similar, but would be happy to hear about the ships. The two itineraries are very different, and that's mostly what I'm wondering about. We've been to Costa Maya and Cozumel, going back would be great. None of us have visited the other ports.
  4. We would like to transfer a December booking from Celebrity to Royal. Is this doable? We booked on board about a year ago (Independence), I think that gives me refundable deposit/free transfer, but I'm not 100%. Any advice is appreciated!
  5. There's the answer, thank you! FYI, I don't for a minute believe in the 'goodwill' of major corporations. Previous to this situation, they would have little to no mercy with a cancellation and would happily sell the cabin you just vacated while keeping your money. I enjoy the product, for sure, but caveat emptor.
  6. A bit off the other FCC topics. We are currently booked on an early April cruise. The price has gone way down. We don't really care about an upgraded room, being on the ship anywhere is fine. I do have another cruise we're looking at in December. Would it be feasible to cancel now, use some of the FCC to rebook, and put the rest towards December? Welcome any thoughts.
  7. Indy - Star lounge, starboard side, that's the door you want. Looks like maybe you shouldn't use, but we did several times no problem.
  8. We are sailing on Navigator in April. I used the Cruise Planner to make Main Dining Room reservations, but there was no way to indicate that we are happy to be seated with others. It's just the better half and myself, so we think we'd enjoy a larger table for dinner. I figure I can stop by the dining room when we board, but not sure if that's the best way. Any advice on this?
  9. How about mocktails? I gotta guess they're a little cheaper? I've done some searching, hard to find the virgin prices.
  10. Didn't figure on money back, was hoping for some on board credit. I will keep an eye out for the upgrade possibility!
  11. Should have been more patient! I booked at 349 a person after it bumped up from 319. The next day, and still is, went down to 299. I called my big box travel agent, who called Royal Caribbean, and they did absolutely nothing. I'm still happy to be cruising, but I'll need some time to sooth my purchasing guilt.
  12. Oh, the guaranteed cabins are a good point. Maybe a little more pressure now...
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