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  1. Unfortunately that has not been our experience. Good service, but they can't make a simple drink.
  2. We had our first drink at the pool before we went to room to get ready for the evening. Then went down for a glass of wine at Vintages, or sometimes Schooner bar. Ordered a 2nd glass of wine just before out seating or even specialty restaurant, and carried into dinner. Never had a problem. We stopped going to Diamond Lounge, as those hostesses, tho very nice, did not know how make even simple drinks, so we started going to the bars, etc. on the ship.
  3. Don't miss the lovely opportunity to be on deck as you sail away from Venice. Do My time dining, speciality restaurant. Usually you can't come in late for main dining room seating.
  4. Just IMHO the Key does not seem to have value for us. We are Diamond, tho perks are diminishing for us. We always arrive early 10 to 10:30, enter Diamond line and are usually on the ship within 20 or 30 min. Once in Port Canaveral there was an inspection of the ship, and we had to wait (with the masses) before boarding, but still took less than an hour. For disembarkation, just a nice word to your room steward to get early pass for disembarkation, just usually after those carrying their own suitcases. We use a porter to get thru immigration, so just a tip there, and we're thru the terminal. No hassle We do not use Flowrider, Rock climbing wall, etc. so wouldn't use that perk. We don't have trouble getting good theater seats, and many times it's just next to the Key seating,(which was almost empty). I cruise to be unplugged, so just get a 1 or 2 day pass for internet service to check with the office. Breakfast is always served in MDR on disembarkation day, but we usually get just a bite in the Windjammer. I can see how some folks would appreciate this service, but doubt if it's for me.
  5. I would think that because you're a picky eater, you'd do Specialty Dining. Way better quality of food
  6. Sounds like alot of money for nothing valuable.
  7. Our cruise docs say we're leaving from Terminal 3. Looks like port parking right across from the dock is easy. Do we need a reservation to park? Comments please. Also, is there a chance the terminal will be changed? But I know there is always a chance it will be changed, but is it normal?
  8. If you're looking for a good steak or lamb chops, then Chops. But if you love pasta and a more varied entree, then Giovannis. But I haven't been to either for a couple years, so will have to look at menus carefully. We'll do both on our upcoming Brilliance cruise. Not even sure if Chops has lamb chops anymore. The sides at Chops are excellent.
  9. Thanks, great news, as we'll do Giovannis twice.
  10. Ok, not my husband's favorite but we'll probably try it. Wonder if we could add some $$ and do Giovannis twice?
  11. We're doing the 3 night specialty dining package on the Brilliance. So do we just repeat one of the restaurants, i.e. Chops or Giovannis? or do they consider Izumi to be one of the choices?
  12. Thank you Clarea. These are probably the 5 day itinerary menus.
  13. We're on the 5 day Brilliance March 4th. We're doing 3 day speciality dining, but would like to know what the menus are so we can choose the days that don't have our favorite items on the menu. Does anyone have the menus from 5 day Brilliance sailing? or know how to find them? Thank you.
  14. I have found over the years that when you call any department at RC, and get an answer, if you want another answer, just hang up and call again. There does not seem to be consistency in what we're told. So it's hard to accept what is told to us If wanting info on a serious matter like passports, etc., be sure you talk to someone in authority.
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