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  1. I am a long time Royal cruiser but new to the Solstice. Is there a thelasotherapy pool aboard? I could not find a direct answer. Some travel agents have pictures of one and others say there isn't.
  2. Unfortunately knowing how things go here between various government ministries, I can find this very easy to believe. It could be that Royal fell prey to a very Israeli way of life, "SMOCH", which means , "Don't worry it will all work out in the end" As we are now less than 2 weeks from sailing and you need 7 days after the second vaccination, Royal could have realized that it just wasn't going to happen and pulled the plug. Dani, I agree that Haifa is out of range now, but all it takes is a phone call from Hamas to Hizballah to put it into range. As we both believe, this will be over in a few days, but we are not responsible for a couple of thousand lives
  3. The Odyssey was a three fold attraction for Israeli cruisers. Firstly a brand new ship homeported in Israel, a relatively short drive from everywhere. Secondly one with all the latest bell and whistle attractions. And thirdly, (really firstly for me and I am sure for thousands of others), the opportunity to eat fresh Kosher food and not to make due with the prepackaged meals and other things. Hopefully there many be other opportunities in the future, but I am not really optimistic. As we say in Israel, "Chaval", it's a shame.
  4. It's interesting that the only 2 cruises left on the Israel site are the first one in June and the last in October Like Dani said businesses are closed here until Tuesday morning , but if unfortunately Royal wants to make a move, they don't have to wait till then. I was really looking forward to this ground breaking season, especially for the fresh Kosher food in multiple venues, and it would be a shame to see it go away. I hope that Royal holds out a little more before making a decision
  5. Living in Israel is sureal even at the best of times. I am writing this post on my coffee break at work in the south center of Israel. Twenty minutes ago we had a warning siren and we went to the safe room, waited the proscribed 10 minutes and then returned to work. That's how it's been at home and elsewhere numerous times since this started and in the past. As Dani said unfortunately we are used to it and life goes on. I do believe that baring an active skirmish at that time, come the beginning of June, the cruises will sail.
  6. If the CDC doesn't allow cruises from November it might be temporary for a long time more
  7. WELCOME HOME. SHALOM ברוכה הבאה הביתה. שלום
  8. The Odyssey of the Seas in it's new home. It came to Haifa, Israel this morning. WELCOME HOME. SHALOM
  9. The cruises have been on sale for over a month. They are open only to vaccinated Israeli residents. If that suits you log on to Royal's Israeli site. It will not appear anywhere else
  10. I agree with all the warnings but would like to add one more consideration. My ship docked on time, 6AM, and when I got on line shortly after there were already about a hundred people there ahead of me. We then waited in the corridor and on the stairs with the line constantly growing for over 2 hours while the Italian customs officers were on ship enjoying their morning coffee. Any plans for early planes or trains went out the window. I would never plan anything before the afternoon. Too much tension with the unexpected.
  11. The best in my opinion is any ship with an indoor pool especially if you favor TA or TP cruises like I do
  12. A few years ago I was on the Norwegian Pearl. There were two dining rooms. One followed the smart casual suggested look. The other basically was come as you want, shorts and baseball hat included. Everyone was happy, had a sit down meal and was not frowned upon or relegated to the buffet.
  13. Any word on who the CD will be on the Odyssey out of Israel?
  14. Ehere did the ships dock before they were stopped by Covid-19?. Will they return to there again ? Is it walking distance to the city? Thanks
  15. Dani, look on the top right line of the website. You will see it says Israel and has two Israeli telephone numbers to call
  16. I am on the Israeli site now and cruises are available from June 2, onwards
  17. I am based in Israel and my RCCL site defaults to Israel. The cruises are there and anyone can order. It does say that it is open only to vaccinated Israeli residents. If you go to the US site, the cruises are not listed
  18. Shalom Dani. Is there a special Israel group or forum where us Israelis can communicate? Regarding the demand , I have tried for the last two days to reach the Israeli agent to no avail. I just hung up after waiting over an hour. I am not sure that all calls result in reservations but there is definitely demand. I agree that when you remove the flights and hotels etc the price is really not that high. As we say here,. Shyihiyeh Beh Hatzlacha. they should be successful
  19. Thank you for your desire to help but I would prefer not to discuss it in a public forum. I know that this is whom I need
  20. And what makes you think that they haven't been?
  21. I have received replies and phone calls from Mr. Goldstien's assistants in the past and problems were efficiently resolved
  22. I could not find this on a search. Does anyone have the email addresses for Michael Bayley and Richard Fain. Thank you
  23. That's correct. The Vitality series as for food service
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