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  1. So sorry for everyone affected, but not surprised that Crystal seem to be lurching from one crisis to another in respect of this. We Symphony cruisers were dealing with a similar scenario a couple of weeks ago, with numerous embarkation and port changes and without the benefit of even a refund offer, and were told by many on this board to just suck it up. What else could we expect, the said. Poor Crystal. Well what we could have expected is Crystal to take some control of the situation earlier and cancel up front, with genuine and reasonable offers, before people were on their way
  2. Crystal had an opportunity to build customer goodwill in this awful situation and blew it, big time. If they had behaved honourably to start with, we would have happily left our money with them and taken a cruise another time, but the more intransigent they became, the more determined we became to get our money back. It became an issue of trust. Such a pity, as the onboard experience is good.
  3. We booked cruise only with a UK cruise agent and paid sterling. Crystal have UK and US/other Terms and Conditions which are different. Have a look at the Terms and Conditions attached to Or referred to in your booking in the first instance. If they are the UK ones, they will have to provide you a refund. In any case, as UK citizens, one would hope UK law would apply to transactions made with Crystal from the UK, as you could sue for redress in our courts. Crystal do have a London office, and also take payments in sterling and dollars through Mundy Cruising in the UK. Hope
  4. Of course credit card companies have responsibilities in the event of suppliers defaulting, but Crystal has not defaulted. Crystal has primary responsibility for their own breach of contract, and should not try to abdicate their responsibilities to insurance and credit card companies. Crystal did indeed eventually acknowledge this and provided us a full refund for our 15 Feb cruise, but it was like pushing snow uphill, and we had a very helpful travel agent.
  5. No, travel insurance does not cover this. The cruises have not been cancelled. And why should travel insurance or credit card companies have to pick up the liability for Crystal’s responsibilities. if you are happy to join a cruise ship in Asia via Singapore, or anywhere else, that is your choice. Others would just like a genuine free choice to cancel with refund or more reasonable FCC terms from Crystal.
  6. Crystal does have to same choices as all the other lines, they just choose not to cancel these Asia cruises and play fast and loose with their customers’ safety/health. They force difficult decisions by refusing refunds and limiting FCC arrangements to customers who have to choose whether to put themselves in this risky environment or loose their money, many of whom are already well out of pocket as a result of the previous itinerary changes.
  7. Quite agree with you. So disappointing that they have continued to behave so inconsiderately and unprofessionally. Many organisations have really stepped up to the plate and gone over and beyond what they were legally required to do in this unfortunate situation. Not Crystal, who seem incapable of doing the decent thing.
  8. Don’t think so. Think it was cancelled and they were going straight to Chan May but alternative itinerary was never published.
  9. Good letterCovegirl338. Quite agree with your sentiments. We are from the UK and were due to join the much amended 15 Feb cruise to uncertain ports. We cancelled, and despite our UK legislation, have had to fight long and hard with the help of an effective UK cruise agent to get our money back from Crystal for a cruise which ended up bearing no resemblance to that we had booked. One judges people, and organisations, by how they behave in periods of adversity, such as this. So impressed by British Airways, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Andaz Singapore, and even Indochina Junk (
  10. Thank you. Always thought this would end up being cancelled, but as they have left Singapore, I am curious where they are going.
  11. Thank you. We have unfortunately had to cancel, but I am sure you will be fine in Europe by the time May comes. We have certainly learnt the substantial limitations of regular UK insurance for this set of circumstances.
  12. Whilst we have cancelled our 15 Feb cruise, just to say how much we have appreciated your updates too, Rob, which certainly gave us the heads up.
  13. Things have moved on (just a bit!) since I posted. We certainly could not board if we had transited through HK now.
  14. We’ve cancelled. Don’t know how they can put together a new itinerary for 15th, as nearly every port is closed to cruise traffic. So you would need to be happy with potentially 15 Sea days, and the risks of not getting out easily at the end, to do this. You may have to leave it to the last minute to cancel though, as I suspect Crystal will end up having to cancel it themselves.
  15. Singapore have just announced they are increasing their disease outbreak response and preventative controls in respect of Coronavirus to Code Orange. Not sure of the implications for cruise ships yet. Straits Times report.
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