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  1. We're in the same boat. Unfortunately our cruise was paid with carnival gifts cards through AARP, so carnival already has our money if we did a refund. We'll reschedule again for next fall 21 or spring 22.
  2. If you've already had a cruise cancelled with $600 OBC, do you get additional OBC? Essentially $1200?
  3. Given that carnival is giving out large sums of OBC, I wonder if they will find a way to close this loophole.
  4. I took the FCC only because I'm already indebted to carnival, since my full cruise was paid with carnival gift cards. If they go under, I'm ***** out of luck anyway with the gift cards. I do think they'll come back, although cruising may look different than it did in the past.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked; please direct me elsewhere is it has. We had an April cruise that was cancelled, which we took the FCC offer. We booked a November 2020 cruise before the formal Carnival cancellations came out, just so we had something booked and we got a great deal at the time. We are now having second thoughts, and in my personal opinion, I'm not sure we'll see mass gatherings (cruises, concerts, sporting events, etc) this full year -- who knows, that's my opinion. With that said, today Carnival automatically took my previous payments and FCC and applied
  6. Likely people expecting money from the stimulus package. I'd expect carnival to still cancel April cruises and the stock to dip again.
  7. I would personally be buying for the appreciation opportunity of the stock value, not the OBC. Depending on how carnival comes out of this and what the stock value is at the end of the year, I could see them changes the OBC value to say $50, or increasing the minimum shares 200 perhaps.
  8. Devil's advocate, speculating that you know it will go back up like it always does it a false sense of security. Personally I think it will tank, at which point I would buy it, because I also think the cruise industry will be done in the long run. Everyone is grasping at straws.
  9. For now. I think we are going to hit the 15 day mark of these govt social distances guidelines, numbers are continuing to increase, carnival will hit April 1st and cancel cruises for the month or more, then the stock will tank. People are still holding on hope to cruise April 10th for some reason. Just my opinion.
  10. Waiting for our April cruise to be cancelled. We got a great deal on the same itinerary in November. Final deposit due in August, so hopefully we have a better idea of what's going on with covid by then.
  11. We got lucky as well. 6 day interior spa for $750 in Nov. We were planning to rebook our April cruise, so I placed the deposit quick last night.
  12. Futures have CCL down to under $15 and RCL under $28. Crazy. I do think the Fed will do something to assist, but it's going to be interesting. If you follow these boards, you know how wild and passionate people are about cruising. Once it starts back up, people will be back on board.
  13. I've booked through carnival with a credit card before, then had them refund me and put the full amount on my gift cards. I think I might try that with them too.
  14. I was about to pull the trigger with Costco travel, but their payment info says they only accept Visa and MasterCard. So you're saying they actually can process carnival gift cards?
  15. Thanks, I appreciate your response! We are likely going to push our cruise to November. Based on John Healds message yesterday, I think we may see some changes for cruises after 3/16. I'm going to wait until next week and see what happens.
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