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  1. I did this my cruise last August and although my anxiety was at an all time high that morning, it ended up working out perfectly. I did it again this year haha
  2. My boyfriend & I will be in St. Kitts in August and we were hoping to do a dune buggy tour. The one that seems to be the most recommended is Mad Max Dune Buggys, whom I reached out to but they are away the day we are in port. Does anyone have any other reputable companies they can recommend?
  3. I'm not sure which cruise line you're sailing with, but I did a snorkle w/ sea turtles excursion through Royal last time I was in Barbados and it is one of the best experience I've ever had. You sail out on a catamaran and they were serving rum punch, snorkle for about 30-40 minutes, then we were allowed to relax on shore for about another 45 minutes. Everyone has there own preferences but everyone that was in our group was ranting and raving over this too.
  4. I have sailed on the Anthem 3 times now, and I find the Solarium is your best bet for breakfast & lunch unless its off peak. I've never had issues with the windjammer on any other ship like I do on the Anthem. I'm not sure if it's just not big enough or what the case is but it never seems to flow well.
  5. We stayed in San Juan for a week before.
  6. August 1st - August 4th. Only went to St. Thomas & St. Maarten.
  7. You're clearly misunderstanding. This is not about culture, that is what I enjoy about the islands and port of calls the most. It's about paying thousands of dollars and not even understanding the comedians punch lines. I have zero issues with the entire sailing being completely bilingual, but I do not enjoy when it was solely in Spanish which was my most recent experience. That is why I reached out to hear others experiences.
  8. That's my favorite part too! I love cruising in March but lately have had to switch to August due to my work schedule.. Enjoy your trip.. thank you for the feedback!
  9. That's what I thought too! This was an unusual sailing. 3 days on a Wednesday ( i think it was just a fill in to be honest) The entirety of the cruise I met two other English speaking families, and they were just as shocked as me. I had a feeling it was just because it was short and last minute, but just wanted to be sure.
  10. What about the entertainment? I'm not very worried about the announcements.. it was more the entertainment/music we couldn't enjoy.
  11. Has anyone recently sailed out of San Juan on the Freedom? I went in August (it was a last minute, 3 day cruise) and EVERYTHING was spoken in Spanish. From announcements, to the entertainment, music, etc. It makes sense, as most of the ship seemed to be Puerto Rican Natives, but it was very hard to enjoy the time spent on the ship for my boyfriend and I. I went out of Puerto Rico in 2015 and this was a completely different experience (I only remember some announcements being done in Spanish after English). I was thinking maybe this had to do with such a short cruise but I'm not sure if this is customary now. Has anyone recently gone and had a different experience? I just booked another out of San Juan, completely forgetting about this and just want to know if I should reconsider..
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