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  1. The closest I found is a 3 Day cruise up the Saint John River. But I have to be the captain and crew !
  2. Sadly you are probably right, I am spoiled living in Altantic Canada. Maybe an Atlantic only Cruise - that might be a stretch. 🙂
  3. OK, my simple question about possible "safe" cruise suggestions has gotten a few appropriate suggestions, muddied with the other side conversation, thanks for all the feedback. I will attempt to re-clarify my intended question: When ever cruising becomes active again, I am trying to decide how best to embark on a "safe" cruise. Assuming that this happens before a vaccine is widely available. For us that starts with ensuring all the crew and passengers are "safe" to begin with. BUT the 2nd ingredient is "safe" behavior for all on board. This would be so if a random case occur
  4. Thanks for posting. Yes that provides a glimmer of hope for us. The excursions may be the challenging part, because its half the reason I like to cruise.
  5. This DIY (Do it yourself) cruise came to mind. I guess you can rent river boats on the Saint John River, in New Brunswick, sounds interesting. https://www.lakewayhouseboats.com/
  6. The province we live in has had ZERO new covid cases in the past few weeks. So although we know it can change quickly, from one bad apple, the fewer bad apples you touch the better. 🙂 So assuming all passengers and crew start covid free, then the only safeguard you have from random accidental infection is masks and space - it is really that simple. My planning is more in the one year timeframe. Assuming we DON'T have a widely available vaccine, then my hope would be that another cruise might be possible again - hopefully outside of Canada, but that may be a pipe dream.
  7. Yes, ideally a Canadian restriction for passengers, but that may be un-realistic, so the compromise may be driven more by which countries open up first.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Interesting option. Few thousand dollar price is not really that bad.
  9. Has anyone noticed any cruise's being offered that restrict the passengers to a specific country? (not the destination country, but the country / citizenship of the passengers - e.g. Only Canadian passengers) As we consider going on our next cruise during Covid times, I realize that I would feel much more comfortable going on a smaller cruise that has other passengers that are all from the same country that I live in (Canada). This is because the majority of the Canadians that I interact with seem to understand the seriousness and implications of safe behavior in Covid times, mos
  10. I thought I would share my bad experience encountered with the travel insurance included with the Aventura VISA card. They use a company called Global Excel to handle the insurance. My wife and I had a trip booked with Aventura that had to be cancelled a week before because of an accident. We filled out the appropriate paperwork with Global Excel, including the doctors sign off etc. A month later I received a letter in the mail indicating my claim was DECLINED. After many emails back and forth, it turns out since the Airlines (Air Canada / WestJet in Canada) offer a one year flight credit
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