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  1. Skip all other beverages for water and tea. Eat modest portions and don’t eat between meals. Limit desserts. Use a pedometer, iPhone Heath App, or Fitbit to track exercise and set goals. Don’t use elevators. I usually try for a minimum of 10,000 steps and 20 flights of stairs each day. On a big ship, like the QM2, that isn’t difficult. On a smaller one like the Wind Star, I need to consciously use the promenade deck. Choose your cruise line carefully. I avoid buffets, so look for controlled portions. Cunard tends to have moderate portion sizes in the regular dining rooms. On Hurtigruten, they honored and remembered my request for smaller portion sizes. Oceania usually gave portion sizes that were much too large and never customized anything. Windstar cooks are very responsive if you talk to the executive chef, which is easy because they have a limited number of passengers. Princess, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian tended toward a one size fits all approach with excessive portion sizes. Remember that the basic cruise market is “the newlywed, the overfed, and the nearly dead.” The overfed make up a big part of the market, so most cruise lines cater to big appetites. Also, alcohol and soft drinks have lots of empty calories. Note that research has shown that diet soft drinks do not seem to help avoid weight gain. I don’t know how that works.
  2. Daniel Ortega believes his dictatorship is threatened. Unrest started April 2018. About 300 killed, 500 arrested, radio stations and newspapers threatened and shut down. I was in San Juan del Sur in January 2017. Enjoyed it then. Would not want to be there now.
  3. One of my favorite images from Cartagena was watching a baseball game at the stadium.
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