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  1. Decided on the Plan Now Play Later. Hopefully this will keep me out of the casino and experience more on the cruise without having to rush back for a raffle!
  2. Makes sense! What a great deal!!
  3. It’s a really thin line so I get it. On the last cruise it felt like if we didn’t go to an event we might miss a chance to win. Some days I just want to go to bed early and wake up to start the day fresh. Honestly, it’s why Ultra sounds better. The idea that you are guaranteed one, good value, prize and can cruise at your leisure.
  4. You are my inspiration lol. How was your Ultra experience? Less people playing, service for drinks, prize and game options. I always see people posting cool videos of games and it looks fun!
  5. Interesting!! I would have thought Ultra had less people. When we did a Premiere it felt like a zoo and we had to keep searching for slots and tables. Drink service was also really spotty and sometimes took a half hour. The servers even knew it was taking too long and would bring two at once to make up for it.
  6. I’ve seen some people blow through thousands a day!! I don’t have that kind of money lol. Depending on the length we limit ourselves to a couple hundred a day. You win and lose but as long as you set limits and leave when done you can still get offers. I wouldn’t say we are low rollers but we definitely get noticed with our playing.
  7. I want to book a cruise but I’m not sure which offer is better. My Plan Now Play later offer is: Exclusive Casino offer - Plan Now Play Later $250 in FunPlay Credits Free Drinks on Us! while playing in the casino. Terms apply Reserve your cruise for $200 per person and get $400 to spend onboard and here is the Ultra offer: Exclusive Casino offer Ultra Cruises Premier Check-in Free Drinks on Us! while playing in the casino. Terms apply. $200 in FunPlay A chance at more than $100,000 in Free Play, cash and prizes Reserve your cruise with a non -refundable deposit of $99 per person The Ultra is $88 more but I think people like them more. I’ve personally never been on an Ultra but I love the prizes people talk about. Let me know your thoughts if you’ve booked the Plan Now Play Later or been on an Ultra cruise before! 🛳⚓️🛳🏝🛳⚖️🛳
  8. So excited for my 2 week journey cruise next Sunday!
  9. I’ve sat, ordered one drink, received it, requested the second one at drop off, and then took them both to go. It helps for the night time productions and comedy shows. I tip a $1 or $2 so they never mind.
  10. Salmon cakes, beef tenderloin, chocolate melting cake hmmmm,
  11. Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳 I entered a ton and I wondered if anyone won too lol.
  12. Was able to grab a bamboo massage on a port day and use the coupon before it ended. Super excited 😆
  13. How can you get the special rate even lower? I would love to try that out 🙂
  14. Omg that’s so smart! Thanks for the advice 🙂
  15. Agreed! My husband is not a morning person and I don’t want others to have to deal with the grumpy monster I pulled out of bed to get a sit down breakfast 😂😂😂
  16. Sadly my husband didn’t like it and wished he had the filet or strip instead.
  17. What is it like going on a journey cruise with a premier promotion? I will be on a December journey cruise to Hawaii and I am trying to plan out gambling, excursion, etc and want to know if the casino is going to monopolize the entire trip lol. Super excited so any reviews, experiences, or helpful advice is appreciated!
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