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  1. Hi, is there a reliable (and reasonable) transfer service that anyone would recommend for us to take from FLL to Port Everglades? I know there is Uber/Lyft, just wondering if anyone has another alternative that they like. Thank you!
  2. If I already have a $50 OBC from signing up to a 6 day cruise, can I also add another $50 OBC for stock ownership, or in this case will I lose my original $50 OBC? Hoping to get both! Thank you.
  3. I saw this on another Sunrise review, is this true? No ice bucket. When we asked for ice we received an uncovered plastic tub for which they sell multiple beers full of ice in our cabin. No tongs no cover, just a tub of ice. Bless her heart she brought it every day. Guys Pig and Anchor was not open for business. Lido was bright and large. Congested and very very long lines for no apparent reason. The expensive WI/FI was not working for anyone. Was non-existent or spotty at best. No refunds.
  4. Beautiful pictures! Was the comedy club packed now that the room is smaller? I heard it was warm in the room also.
  5. Can you use this stock onboard credit in the casino and then cash out whatever you don't use for cash?
  6. Hi, we are going to become platinum on our next cruise! On my Carnival paperwork it says that we have an arrival appointment between 12:30-1:00. Since we are priority by becoming platinum, would it be okay to come earlier than the arrival appointment? Our flight comes into LGA in New York at 10:00am on Memorial Day, so we will probably arrive around 11:00 at the pier. Would that be too early to get there and could we just go into the priority line when we get there? Thank you in advance!
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