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  1. Can I buy the prestige package prior to cruise and use my SBC to pay for it ?
  2. His name is Bob Brown, Jim is his friend, we were at the wedding and I think Jim was his best man.
  3. Question, If we book a dinner reservation ( prior to sailing) for us and another couple on the cruise are we each using one of our allotted reservations, or do they still have theirs.
  4. We;re on the same cruise, it leaves out of San Pedro,
  5. when booking a cruise, can I take the beverage package (and than up grade on the ship), and my DH take the 400. (as he doesn't drink )or do we both have to take the same SBC?
  6. We are looking at an Oceania Cruise, we're at the point where we have to decide the SBC's, My question is, can I take the beverage package at is offfered and my husband (who does not drink alcohol) take the 400.00 sbc offered?
  7. I'm on Insignia now and use the desk plug and it works fine for the hair dryer and my flat iron.
  8. So very odd to see these pictures in Florence !! We are there today too, staying at villa olmi, joining you in Southampton, and cannot wait! But with all your pictures it seems we've been with all along. And thank you all for that.
  9. I can't find the answer to my DH question, he wants to bring DVD's with us to play in our cabin, but, I can't find if we have a DVD player in Concierge class, anyone know? thanks, you guys always have the answers
  10. We're on the dec 21st cruise as well, we leave out of San Pedro
  11. Yes, we were on Oceania 2 yrs ago on July 4th, just off Charleston in the evening, we saw some fireworks from town but, nothing on ship.
  12. Yes transfers from airport to hotel and then to the ship are paid for when you book O air, and the pre-hotel
  13. I have tags from our 6/17/2017 cruise, I can change the cabin # and the date, the ship is the same and of course the name, but, I'm sure the color of the tag is wrong. If I use them even with the wrong color with they get to our cabin ?
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