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  1. We had an aft balcony on the Joy on Deck 12 last year. Deck 9 is over restaurants so may have some noise, while Deck 13 has cabins above and below. The elevators are often crowded so we used the stairway most of the time Take a look at the distance to activities from the cabin and decide which is most convenient, eg swimming closer from Deck 13. Aft cabins have an excellent view and we enjoyed the Joy.
  2. Wonderful pictures of the Comfort in the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Was always on my bucket list to see New York but when I tried, my cruise ended having to bypass New York because of Hurricane Sandy. Still lots of snow up here in Canada and more expected tomorrow so it will be a while before we can get into the garden. Booked on the NCL Joy cruise LA to Vancouver in April but still haven't heard anything from NCL. Will see whether I get a refund or a credit. Neither Seattle or Vancouver are allowing cruise ships at the moment.
  3. I am in Alberta, Canada and we are taking the coronavirus very seriously. DH and I have not left our house in two weeks and have had groceries delivered twice. Wearing gloves, we leave the non perishables in the garage for two days and wash other items. Only stores that are open are grocery and pharmacy. Emergency quarters are being provided for the homeless. Even though we have family nearby, we are only in contact with them through the phone and FaceTime. Take care and be safe all, We want to resume our cruising as soon as these times have passed.
  4. I am booked on the Los Angeles/Vancouver repo trip but once the coronavirus showed up, I decided not to go. I worried about going to LA. staying there for a few days and visiting tourist attractions while the infected numbers soar. I am a healthy senior, but for my own safety have decided to self isolate at home for the duration of the pandemic. I still have a Haven 2 bedroom booked so feel terrible not to use it. I have Platinum status with NCL and look forward to many cruises in the future, but for now, no.
  5. What if NCL cancels the cruise. Would they return the fare if the passenger was unavailable to take a future cruise?
  6. I'm here in Canada with high snowdrifts. Can hardly wait for my next cruise in April. I also need a wheelchair at the airport and assistance getting on and off the cruise but other than that, I manage well. Once I reached 80 I found the crowds challenging so started booking cabins in the Haven. Looking back ten years, March 2010, hubby and I were on the Diamond Princess in the seas off China. I feel so sorry for what the current passengers are going through.
  7. I am an octogenarian and travelling with my son and daughter in law. We stay in the 2 bedroom in the Haven. It enables me to travel as I get older and I love it. I have travelled a lot with NCL and have platinum status so get the perks that go with it.
  8. I'm a senior and love eating in the Haven on the Joy - much easier than fighting crowds and I always enjoy the menu. If I want anything different, I call room service to avoid the crowds.
  9. A couple of additional thoughts from a 80+ traveller. I love the garden cafe but avoid it during busy times. We are past the age of the pools and so so for hot tubs. Lounging on the pool deck on a nice day is enjoyable. The pubs are fun but preferably earlier in the evening before they get busy. Make sure they have any meds with them and that they are in the carry- ons. I don't recall any ports in Alaska requiring tenders and there is lots of places to see within easy walking distance.I wouldn't book a handicap cabin as they usually sacrifice room size for a larger wheelchair accompanying bathroom. The Alaska cruise is marvellous but sometimes a little on the cool side so make sure to have your parents bring some warmer clothes just in case.
  10. It will be an enjoyable holiday for your parents. We are in our mid 80s and continue to cruise whenever we can. Long flights are a bigger problem for me so we take cruises which involve shorter flights (driving would be wonderful but too long a distance). We are Platinum and enjoy priority boarding which makes a big difference. I use a cane onboard and get a wheelchair for getting on and off the ship. When we were in regular cabins we were early for meals to avoid the crowds. To make things easier, we finally switched to the Haven because of access to the restaurant. comfortable chairs, lots of snack foods, library, hot tubs and the helpful service for any extra services we might need from the butler. I have one cruise booked and hope to continue for a few years yet.
  11. Thanks for the information. Renting a car is out, we are seniors and don't want to drive in LA traffic. We thought about the transit but just too much of a bother. I have cancelled my original flight and will book a direct flight to LAX. Expensive mistake unfortunately. We took the same NCL cruise in October heading south so decided to take the same trip heading north in April.
  12. Thank you so much for your help, sorting this out has been quite a challenge. I have cancelled the Alaska Airline reservation and will rebook with Air Canada. Will also change my hotel reservation.
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