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  1. Hey I just registered so I could leave a review of these guys. We just got back from a Carnival cruise that went to Cozumel and Progreso. I'm not a traveler. This was my second time out of the US and this was my first cruise. I was super concerned about safety and getting back on the ship without getting stranded. So I went into this with a little hesitation. This company did a great job making someone like me feel comfortable and enjoy their time in Progreso. I know this was a question about this company and not a specific excursion so I apologize if this is long winded. If you just want to know if these guys are legit, the answer is YES. If you want to know more about our specific excursion so you can have a similar experience, read on. We did the Above and Below excursion (https://www.yucatancenote.com/above-and-below.html) which is their signature excursion and had an excellent experience. I'm leaving reviews for them because we loved the experience and based on discussions with other cruisers on our ship I think we had the best excursion possible in Progreso. If you want an authentic off-the-grid type experience I recommend this. I don't know much about this company as we were invited along by two people we met on the ship so I did zero research on this beforehand. I think the owners are two American ex-pats running the company. We met them very briefly as they explained what we'd be doing and introduced our driver + tour guide. Since we were a late add-on to the trip we paid cash. I got pesos out of an ATM by one of the drop-off points (it was from a bank, totally legit). We paid $206 USD (around 3,700 MXN) for 2 people. Water / pop is included in a cooler at no extra charge. You can leave your backpack / items in the van when you go walk around and they will be safe. Our driver Tony and tour guide Juan Carlos were the best. Both had great personalities and Juan Carlos was funny and helped lighten the mood as we drove about an hour to the ruins of Mayapan ("the city of death"). After learning about Mayan culture and climbing some pyramids we drove through a village to the cenote (50 foot hole with fresh water you can jump into / swim in). We spent about 30 minutes here swimming around and jumping in. After this, we had lunch in a family's home. Lunch was sour potato mash, beans, rice and fried pork cutlet with fresh tortillas and pico / hot sauces with cantaloupe water. If you have dietary restrictions they will make adjustments if you tell them beforehand or when you get in the van. We then drove an hour back to the port where they took us straight to the ship so we didn't have to do the shuttle back. We got on the ship with plenty of time left. Juan Carlos really made this a special experience, he is super friendly, knowledgeable and fun to talk to. Couple things to think about regarding this excursion: - You're going to drive 2 hours round trip so prepare to chat / nap. - You're going to go through some poor areas with a lot of street dogs. This can be tough to see if you're a dog person. - You need to be in decent physical shape to enjoy this to the fullest. The temple at Mayapan is steep and the stairs are not very deep. I'm a 35 year old guy who is about 6 feet tall and I had to crawl up and scoot down on my butt step by step to get down. The stairs to get to the bottom of the cenote are pretty sketchy (there's very little lumber there so not professionally built) if you're over like 200 lbs it might be a concern. - They will drive you right back to your ship which cuts off the 4 mile shuttle bus trip. Any questions please let me know I will try to respond as fast as possible. You may see me copy this review to other places I hope that doesn't make you think it is fake, I just spent about 40 minutes writing it!
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