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  1. Actually these prices are somewhat similar to current prices 40 years later.....however the quality has gone way down. thanks for sharing Glad you saved it
  2. Oh I love this thread. Went on the Norway 4 times starting 1/98. I’m scanning some pictures now.
  3. I didn’t even think of concierge. It would save you from walking allllllll the way forward😜. Any info would be great. I’ve come to terms I’m probably spending $500 to replace them. What do they say....you can’t take it with you.
  4. I feel terrible but I don’t remember the stewards name. He’s always around in the morning cleaning he’s young and he has braces too! deck 11 forward and I mean all the way forward. 11100. I guess if you see a cute steward with braces you can ask if he found a blue toiletries bag in Ava’s room. I filed a missing item request on ncl but it says it takes 10 days to investigate. However if he offers to give it to you I would totally reimburse you. Again I don’t need the bag just the white retainer case inside. Thanks for anything you can do.
  5. I knew enough to not go to buffet my friends did😱. When I boarded at 124 after a two hour wait I was directed to deck 16 when I asked where the dining rooms were. I ran down the deck to get in to have a civil lunch it was a good cruise just not great imo
  6. We always pull the kids every September for disney because we get jewish holidays off so we can go away for a week and only miss 3 days.....but I think disney is never off season these days. we were on the Regal Princess out of Fort Lauderdale last February vacation no issues I think their use of medallions are far superior then waiting for a keycards
  7. Just trying to find a spot to swim but the water was beautiful though
  8. Go the dining room both open to 1:30 they staff will direct you to deck 16 don’t do it head down to 6
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