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  1. I’m happy to report we are booked on the VOV for July 2022...all 35 days. The Scottish port however alarms me because of the overpriced castle tour. Hopefully, private tours can be arranged for a fraction of the price HAL is charging. I despise bus tours.
  2. Has anyone seen the Voyage of the Vikings posted for July-August 2022? We cancelled last March & hope to rebook for that time slot. Thank you.
  3. Veendam & Maasdam will be gone by the end of August. Rotterdam & Amsterdam gone by end of October. Now, HAL will have cash flow.
  4. Someone who is truly qualified. Ashford’s background was hotel/hospitality & never had been on a cruise ship. Good luck Gus!
  5. We were booked on this year’s VOV Cruise. On my bucket list for 11 yr......so maybe in 2 yr. was so disappointed to cancel, but I could see the handwriting on the wall. Cancelled before final payment was due. Loved your photos from above.
  6. Your wish has been granted; although I think he got his walking papers.
  7. Cruising Along, thanks for info on Trip Advisor. My husband booked this back in September as my Xmas gift. He was told repeatedly tickets were non-refundable. We got travel insurance through American Airlines so we have to work with them to reschedule. Not in a big hurry to board a plane now....especially an international flight. I don’t want to get stuck in London either. This will all pass, it’s just going to take awhile. I love cruising. I don’t want to stop, but our time isn’t now.
  8. Stuff happens & this pandemic is the worst of my lifetime except for 911. We cancelled the 5 week Voyage of the Vikings this summer. Have reservations to fly to London end of May. Highlight was all day tour of Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey), but forfeiting everything unless Trip Advisor lets us reschedule, & a family reunion in Vegas the end of June. Our spring & summer plans are not happening, but hopefully, this horrible pandemic will die out. Travel might happen next year. Health more important to us at this time.
  9. All National Parks closed as of yesterday. Stay home like the rest of the world. There’s no place to go anyway.
  10. Just saw a HAL’s new policy in Google. They will issue a FCC to pax who cancel cruises departing through May 31. Still kind of on the fence for our VOV Cruise mid July. Our final payment due in 5 days.
  11. Maybe they didn't have enough of the blue bags & substituted the paper bags. I hope blue bags are here to stay.
  12. On my Roll Call for upcoming 34 day Med/TA cruise, laundry was discussed. Someone mentioned they were given paper bags to put dirty clothes when they sent it out to be laundered. Is this the newest thing for HAL to try? Seems like they won't hold up well & they will be going thru tons of paper bags. Anyone seen this on a recent cruise?
  13. Nobody said this piece of plastic was to be cherished like a family heirloom. I had no idea where we were going to put them.... back of the closet in a box never to be seen again. I didn't see the point. We have great pictures in a digital frame on the kitchen counter that I glance at & they give me more memories than a "copper" medal. As it was, we moved a year later & downsized a lot. The "medal" probably would not have made the cut.
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