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  1. Chanting is a bit irrational, nothing I said was irrational though. So not sure why you’re grouping me together with that. Yet you tell me what I witnessed did not happen. Which I’d say is definitely not rational or reasonable lol. So maybe it’s you who that is better grouped together with the irrational people?
  2. I never said I heard about it or that it was a rumor. I said it because it happened to me smh lol and in addition yea what they said ^, did you ever think that perhaps there was something you may not know about or have seen? Or do you just know absolutely EVERYTHING enough to tell me what I witnessed did not happen? Or to say it was not serious when you clearly have no idea what even occurred since you’re saying it didn’t happen smh lol
  3. We were at Carney’s as well, about 20-30 mins into our 9:15pm reservation. And yea completely accurate description.
  4. “That didn’t happen” - ***** lol? Why would I make that up?
  5. Yea it was late in the day so not many were at the restaurant itself, but I’ve been surprised myself to have only seen one group who heard it who wasn’t at the restaurant
  6. We had many more issues than just a disrupted cruise. I read back through a few pages and didn’t see much of these issues I went through posted so here is what we personally had gone through/seen on this cruise: - 3 cancelled ports - code bravo(fire) - due to employees throwing a battery at another employee - San Juan no announcement of the crash or anything, only found out leaving the ship. - getting told leaving San Juan that repairs were done and we’re on the way to Stirrup Cay which was then also cancelled the following day. - sitting at dinner 9:45 pm Thursday on deck 6 there was what felt like a massive explosion violently shaking the entire restaurant scaring the sh*t out of everyone including the staff. Causing solid few mins of complete silence amongst everyone with a (***** is going on face) again including all staff legit waiting for an alarm or something. Then violent rumbling started shaking the whole place for the rest of the dinner. - went to ask what happened from guest services later and the next day to be told “wow really? This is the first report of that, we don’t know.” - disembarkation on deck 7 was absolutely PACKED across the entire deck for 2+ hours so much that they shut off the elevators from going to deck 7. No staff around for assistance. Just 2 employees who knew nothing, literally had only the same sheet of info as us guests were given for disembarkation.
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