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  1. No ,they aren’t sharing. It makes it all the more fun figuring out which room to get because of it. LOL Thanks for your help! I’m pricing things out for a Christmas trip tonight to show my husband tomorrow. LOL
  2. Looking at a Christmas cruise aboard the Dawn. Opinions? Like it? Dislike it? Why? Also, would you recommend a mini-suite or suite? (I’ll have 4 people - 2 adults and a 15 year old girl, and 12 year old boy).
  3. We were on the Joy 6/29 and iMessage did not work for us until I bought the text plan.
  4. I was thinking the same thing __ that this wasn’t the first time he’s done it but maybe the first time he was caught. I’m in the report it boat.
  5. To be honest, I was annoyed that I had to go search out the manager but they did make it right. Unless it was something huge, we had decided that nothing was going to ruin our vacation. I’ve seen to many posts on here where things go wrong and it wrecks everything.
  6. Honestly, no. After out experience with the go karts, I’d make sure that he a. Can navigate the track and not get kicked off and b. He likes it. My 15 year old (tomboy) only wanted to do it once. She was content meeting up with other kids from entourage and hanging out.
  7. I don’t lol. To be honest, I didn’t see many people in there sleeping at all but we didn’t spend a lot of time there.
  8. We did it from the touchscreens. Guest services can also book it for you.
  9. We had a little of everything. I wore shorts some days and sweatshirts and jeans others. We didn’t use the raincoats we packed but I was still glad we had them. Plan on layering though.
  10. Weather was is the 80s. No rain. We totally lucked out! excursions — Bering sea boat one (don’t remember what it’s called exactly), zip lining, helicopter and glacier walk, Juneau sports fishing, dogsledding, and glassblowing.
  11. After reading a ton of reviews, I’ll admit - I was a little nervous. However, we had a great trip even though we had a few hiccups. Room - 8720 - large balcony. My only complaint is that it is lacking storage for 4 people which all cruise rooms do. 🙂 Beds were comfy. We didn’t hear anything. Balcony kicked ass and was huge. Key cards - first hiccup. My son and husband have the same name. One is a Jr, the other III. They messed up the cards and gave my son speciality dining and the drink package. We found out when we went to register my son for Splash Academy. That was my first hour wait with Guest Services. We then bought the soda package for the kids and the computers did it again. Spent another hour getting the key cards fixed yet again. We also were charged for drinks even though we had a drink package. Another wait at guest services when I realized it. At this point, they started recognizing me. 🙂. I’m going to say this though — everything that went wrong was small and we didn’t let it affect our trip. NCL always fixed the problem. Then we had an issue with Teppanyaki. I was advised by my TA that my 12 year old son would qualify for a kids menu at all restaurants. They would not give him one there (which was a huge issue because I knew he wouldn’t eat anything there). They ended up charging me for an adult for him. We ended up at the Garden Cafe afterwards, so he could eat. The next day I went to guest services and they confirmed I should have been given a kids menu but then was advised to talk to the head of Teppanyaki. He told me that kids over 3 were not offered kids menus there. So just as a warning — don’t expect a kids menu there. I’m still not 100% sure what their policy is since the place tells you one thing and guest services said something else. Garden Cafe - its buffet food. DOn’t expect anything better. Seating is very hard to get. Service in the restaurants is slow. It took us anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs to eat every night. Cagneys was delicious! We never had a bad meal though my son did not care for the Mac and cheese. My kids loved Entourage and Splash Academy. Oh, another small beef I had. The go karts. My son and other kids his age were kicked off the track because they were having issues with the turns. They need to up the age or something. I didn’t appreciate paying full price to have my son not even get half the time on there. The other weird thing - to sign the kids up for Galaxy Pavilion, Laser Tag, or Go Karts, I had to give them free reign of the credit card. Obviously, we didn’t tell the kids that. So that was the bad. The good? The food was awesome. The people we met were awesome. The shore excursions were awesome. It never felt like we were on a ship with 3000 other people. My family and I had an amazing time. I’d recommend the Joy and Alaska to anyone. Feel free to pick my brain!
  12. We just got off the Joy and my 12 year old liked it. He too. Would have stayed after hours but I wouldn’t pay for it either.
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