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  1. I feel better about my 10am flight if you're pushing for the 9am 🙂
  2. Just got our notification that our bid was accepted. Leaving Sunday on Allure. Moved from a JS to a OS. Already canceled internet package, big question now is whether to cancel the drink package and just continue to raid the suite lounge or not.
  3. Majesty of the Seas - 1994. Jeez, I was 9. Will go on my 14th (16th if you count two Carnival cruises, which both sucked) in about 26 days.
  4. Only Star Class gets the bev package included. A GS is not star class. You get all the benefits of that class otherwise (except points).
  5. Awesome.. you just saved me (and wife) $80. I hadn't thought it'd get any cheaper from the $49 we originally got it at. There should be a sticky thread of "Best prices seen" for the various items so we know what good is. Again, thank you!
  6. In the spirit of that post.. going on Allure March 31st. Currently in JS. Its an anniversary so really trying to get upgraded for suite benefits. GS: $500 ($400 min) OS: $750 ($700 min) CL: $700 (min bid) AT: $740 ($700 min) Still suites available so hoping they play musical chairs and I "win". Even though I'm diamond I haven't been on a cruise in 5+ years and first time on the biggest ships so excited.
  7. Going on the same ship end of March and would LOVE if I got that upgrade.
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