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  1. I really have to laugh at what hopes people pin on a vaccine but that's not the point. The lawsuit and many complaints seem to center around insufficient measures of Celebrity and other cruise lines to let people from risk prone areas (China etc) board at all and even though they knew people were infected on the completed cruises turned around the ship and let others board. Their cancellation practices could also come under fire in a lawsuit showing they acted in bad faith, leaving people no option other than losing everything they paid or going on this cruise. As much as I love Celebrity and would even take a cruise next week if one was available I can't see themselves getting out of these lawsuits without a settlement.
  2. Sounds like this suit has merit though. Besides: "Employees of the cruise line filed a lawsuit against Celebrity Cruises last month, alleging it did not adequately protect workers from the coronavirus. In response to that suit, the cruise line said it "does not comment on pending litigation," ABC News reported."
  3. Yes that's my response to your rather petty post.
  4. I rarely see this behavior you describe on X cruises, at least not on the routes I'm taking. I seriously can't be bothered to go into the dining room for a "formal" breakfast with table service every day. Then I rather order room service and have it on my balcony.
  5. Reading these things already makes my blood boil. It's absolutely grotesque denying someone who already had a huge inconvenience a different itinerary because it's one extra day. Then they should cancel their crap and give people their money back immediately.
  6. Whoever thinks buffets on cruise ships are gross has absolutely no idea about what's going on in the kitchen of everyday restaurants all over the world including good ol' 'Murica. In fact most peoples cellphone, key chain and car seat is more unhygienic than the buffet on a cruise but hey, I tend to say if it makes you feel better just stay away and eat at an a la carte restaurant if you think it's so much better. Spoiler alert: It isn't!
  7. Will they let you take the original OBC with you if you do "Lift&Shift" ?
  8. Keep in mind that cruise lines always pay the airline tickets for the employees so if you consider 1500-2000 crew per ship that's a lot of budget to move things around. How much does it cost to sail a ship across an ocean?
  9. Plenty of flights to/from Germany every day but most overseas borders are closed so that's prohibitive.
  10. My guess is when people and their families start to run out of money they''ll be very willing to go back to work again. It's a sad motivator but I guess most people on this planet don't work for fun but to put food on the table and a roof over their head. I kinda made my peace with the fact that no Alaska or West Coast cruises will be going this year. Waiting to hear about Europe options right now.
  11. I'm following a couple IG accounts of the various captains including Cpt Kate on Edge and Celebrity is having a full swing operation at Coco Cay spreading their various crew among different ships and then (as I understood it) sailing them home. Call me stupid but that doesn't look like a good sign for the remainder of 2020. How would they even get fresh crew at this point, taking new people onboard when they reach the drop-off points? Is that even allowed by their home countries or would any staff sign contracts right now? Also the ships would be all over the place. One thing I have to say though I'm super impressed how Celebrity is treating their crew (at least on Edge). What you see on these peoples IG daily looks more fun than any actual cruise. They all got regular cabins to enjoy.
  12. The difference between Elite and Elite Plus is so marginal that I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  13. Sure the head company as well as the owners are swimming in money (literally) but they are a separate entity. Now if they can get a financial cure from the MSC Shipping or the owners pockets more power to them, I'm happy for any company that doesn't go out of business. Just saying the overall "feel" of our MSC cruise didn't live up to the standard of Celebrity etc. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  14. What do you consider "great" ? I guarantee you that none of the cruise lines are in great shape or anywhere near that but they will survive. Also who is MSC supposed to hit up for cash? Definitely not the U.S. government as they have pretty much no exposure/contribution to any U.S. markets. The Swiss government? I'm sure the citizens and politicians of a landlocked country will laugh them out of the room, remember Switzerland didn't even bail out Swissair back in the day. And Italy? The country is financially and economically finished. Comparing MSC to other lines such as Celebrity, RCL, NCL is like comparing Walmart to Whole Foods.
  15. Correct and there will be temporary changes. Not "Many aspects of life are changed forever". If I'd get $100 everytime that was said in the past few decades then I could quit my job right now. The recession is another issue and was around the corner anyway, with or without the virus. The world and the country has been through much worse in history and always bounced back stronger. All this scaremongering isn't helping anyone and ignorant of history. Very soon all that's left of COVID are bad haircuts, memories and a gazillion of hilarious memes. The world will move on.
  16. You think the world economy is going to permanently succumb to this COVID nonsense that will last at best 6-9 months? That's a pretty vivid imagination but will prove to be a distant dream.
  17. Show these shareholders we are here to book? LOL! The RCL share price more than doubled in the last two weeks. The ships are honkering down and await the end of this crisis as long as it may take. If you want to "help" then maybe go through your contacts from previous cruises and ask them if there is anything you can do for them as gesture of appreciation for past service. I managed to track down two wonderful people from Indonesia that work on the Eclipse and sent them a financial "easter egg". I don't need to help help a multi billion dollar company registered offshore. They can help themselves.
  18. Hmm not sure another cruise will actually be sailing either unless the Canadian ports are the problem. Of course I'm flexible if the itinerary interests me (non-caribbean) but the selection is limited as it's max 7 days and no Edge/Apex. Maybe the best would be to move the date to May 2021 and use the next comp for a B2B / different route next year. The cruise fare is stored/listed as $1,120 but then deducted in another line.
  19. I feared that. Will make it substantially more expensive for the OP. Of course it depends what kind of "contactable" he is talking about, maybe he can get away with "Surf".
  20. Apparently this is the current schedule: XCELERATE UNLIMITED INTERNET PACKAGE Onboard Price Starting From Sailing Lenght 1 Device 2 Devices 3 Devices 4 Devices 2 to 3 Days $95 $143 $190 $238 4 to 6 Days $175 $263 $350 $438 7 to 9 Days $265 $398 $530 $663 10 to 13 Days $325 $488 $650 $813 14+ Days $335 $503 $670 $838 SURF INTERNET PACKAGE Onboard Price Starting From Sailing Lenght 1 Device 2 Devices 3 Devices 4 Devices 2 to 3 Days $59 $89 $118 $148 4 to 6 Days $89 $134 $178 $223 7 to 9 Days $129 $194 $258 $323 10 to 13 Days $179 $269 $358 $448 14+ Days $199 $299 $398 $498 Are you sure the B2B is counted as one 25 night cruise per system?
  21. I have two comped cruises in the next 6 months that were booked through MGM Noir (7 day cruise + $300 OBC). One of these was an Alaska sailing that I already moved from May to August and hope it's going forward. Now if it doesn't I had a couple of thoughts. Considering these cruises are technically zero fares I'd say they aren't eligible for any FCC, let alone the OBC am I correct? The comps would just expire. The way it shows up on my Celebrity confirmation is this: Cruise Fare 1120.00 MGMPlayerRate 0.00 MGMPlayerRate 0.00 YCF1-CELJNKSLT -1120.00 Total 1120.00 0.00 0.00 -1120.00 199.68 Taxes, fees, and port expenses Total Charge Amount Paid Balance Due 199.68 Before the whole comp expires maybe I could try and see if X would consider this $1120 plus bonus as FCC. Any experience how they treat these bookings?
  22. I had my May 10th cruise moved to August 16th (ex Vancouver) and hope it sails. If not that will be bad.
  23. United and Delta have also extended the elite tiers for an additional 12 months. Nice!
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