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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys, managed to get an aft corner suite.
  2. Hi All we have been allocated a S1 after we booked a guaranteed suite - check in opened a couple of days ago and there are now aft S1 suites available to purchase - would celebrity allow us to change to one that is available now. doesnt matter either way just interested as they have a corner art one available.
  3. Has anyone been in an aft S1 cabin? Have they moved the beds to face the window or have they kept with the pole by the side of the bed?
  4. Has anyone seen what they have done to s1 at the bow? Was interested to know if they have rotated the bed or anything?
  5. Did you already have your suite assigned? We are still pending assignment.
  6. If you have booked a GTY are you likely to still get an email? We have booked a GTY suite for a sailing as it was the only suite left and would be interested in bidding up if we can.
  7. Hi All We managed to book as Suite GTY for a January sailing for our honeymoon, there were no confirmed suites left. We've just logged on and we have been allocated an accessible room - do you think it may change before hand? I would just like to know as obviously my fiancé was looking forward to having a bath and in the accessible rooms there is not a bath. Many thanks.
  8. We're be on our honeymoon wondered if anyone else on board?
  9. We're be on our honeymoon wondered if anyone else on board?
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