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  1. We had expedited. They gave us a card to carry once we got through security. We bypassed all the lines and just kept walking until we were on the ship. They did have to retake my husband's photo on one of the tables but it was the fastest we had ever gotten on a ship.
  2. USB hub is good. We were on Mariner a weekish ago and they confiscated our power strip. I didn't realize it was a banned item because we used it on Grandeur in March. That was a fun (eye roll) discovery.
  3. Are the tops of the beds open or is there a "roof"? Thanks!
  4. We did Grandeur in May and there was no priority for us in the junior suite. We stood in the gold line for a while. Maybe 30/45 minutes but some of that was due to a medical emergency at the desk
  5. I called yesterday about this because I booked a 12/2020 cruise. They told me a year in advance, it should be available.
  6. Congratulations! We booked a four day cruise for later this year just so we could hit platinum this year 🙂
  7. It was mostly a lot of bass. We put earplugs in and it was fine but it will make me think twice before booking a cabin near a lounge.
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