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  1. Last September on the Splendor they didn't have that but they had a very spirited Beer Pong tourney!
  2. I wish you well with a bed configuration request. We cruise Carnival a lot and for everything they do well we find that they get a grade of "F" for bed configuration. Almost always it is not as we ask at booking. So the Steward, on the busiest day of his week has to change it. They always do and with a smile! We have talked with Stewards and the word does not filter down to them. Housekeeping supervisors say the same and have shown us their orders. We love Carnival and the product they give us but they fail in this one area.
  3. Sorry to hear of your bad experience with your kids and the annoying drunk. We cruise with Carnival all the time and have seen very little of that bad behavior. We did Alaska in July on the Legend and had a wonderful time. The ship went to Glacier Bay National Park which was spectacular. As to on board activities there were Rangers narrating and a naturalist who spotted wild life and gave briefings about the various places we were going. There were also lots of Carnival activities. I think you and your family will love it.
  4. We cruise out of Long Beach all the time and typically they start boarding at 1130 or 1145. We are on the Panorama in Feb 2020 and it will be interesting to see if there are changes to this routine.
  5. We have been on the Legend many times. Most recently in July to Alaska. She is a great ship. Has many upgrades to include Guys Burgers--which are killer. I think you will love her.
  6. We are boarding the Splendor tomorrow, 21 Sept '19. Storm reported off the Baja--any info on the impact on its arrival at Long Beach and boarding times? Thanks in advance.
  7. In ten days we are going on the Splendor. If you like I will get you one if this is one you need. Let me know.
  8. We cruise out of Long Beach all the time and use the Long beach Air port. We have consistently made a 1020 airplane with no trouble. But as an earlier poster stated one glitch along the way that causes a delay will make that tough to do.
  9. My wife is a casino player and we have taken several casino promo cruises. In each case I was give complimentary drinks also even though I don't gamble much.
  10. We cruise out of Long Beach a lot and recommend Super Shuttle from LAX. Not expensive and very reliable. As for transport from hotel to pier our only experience is with cabs and that worked fine.
  11. We are just back from the Legend to Alaska. Loved every minute of it. Glacier Bay was spectacular! My first chance to try a Guy's Burger and I thought it was excellent and the fries were killer. Weather was as we expected and we prepared. Rode the Mt Robert's Tram in Juneau and I recommend it. $35.00 pp and worth every nickel. Nice shop at the top and amazing views during the ride. The ship(s) get real small! :-) We had done the train trip in Skagway on a previous trip and thought it to be wonderful if just a bit pricey.
  12. We are booked on the Panorama in Feb 2020 and can't wait to see a brand new ship and all she has to offer.
  13. Yes it does and last time we were there a wonderful young man named Ivan was the bartender. We recommend it.
  14. We are booked on the Panorama in Feb. 2020. The cost was on par with our Splendor this coming Sept. Both are balcony cabins. I will be interested to hear from other cruisers about their cost comparisons.
  15. We have loyalty status and it is always fun to be given a gift--brightens an already bright day!
  16. We will also be on the 23 July cruise. We have sailed with Jen and found her to be excellent. High energy and visible!
  17. Haven't done the Miracle Steakhouse since the new menu but have done it several times before and it was superb. I have no reason to believe that has changed. Miss the chocolate sampler for dessert.
  18. My wife and I are in our late 70's and we are taking our sixth Alaska cruise this month on the Legend. We have enjoyed each one and have experienced a range of weather. The sight seeing is spectacular and tours at each stop cater to a range of tastes and enthusiasm. We have ridden Helicopters and the Train in Skagway and the Mt Roberts Tram in Juneau. The entertainment on the ship has always been very good and there is a naturalist on board giving briefings and pointing out wild life. If you are looking for a party you will find one or you can start your own! We think the crowds skew a little bit older than a Caribbean or Mexican cruise but that may be more because of cost than anything else. I do not think you will be bored. As a matter of fact if you try to do everything the cruise offers you will go home gassed--believe me we have tried! :-)
  19. Aft pool and hot tubs are very popular. I don't remember about music so if there was any it must have been background as opposed to loud and in your face.
  20. Though the Miracle does not have all the buzzer and bell upgrades she is one of our favorite ships. Love the Chop Stix Asian place, layout and especially the crew. Am glad she is coming back to the west coast even if just for a short time. OBTW the Pizza is KILLER!
  21. Pianoplayerla The train was pulled by a diesel engine and there were two kinds of cars. There were "dome cars" and elegant old "parlor cars." We were in the latter. I talked with some who were in the dome cars and they were very happy with them. The car we were in was paneled in lush, dark wood with green felt seats. Each car had a restroom. It has been a number of years so I don't remember how many people were in our car but maybe 20. The schedule for us was to ride the train one way and take a motor coach the other. Since we were the only ship that day we got the train round trip which we thought was an extra bonus. Each car had a guide/moderator. Ours was a young lady who kept us updated on what we were seeing and the history of the area. When we got to the Pacific side we boarded motor coaches along with our guide for a tour that included a trip to the locks and a great look at the very modern sky line of Panama City. On the return trip were provided a very nice box lunch. There were soft drinks and water but no alcohol was served. After all these years the price escapes me but it was probably in the $150.00 pp range and for us was worth every penny. We along with everyone else tipped our guide at the end who we all thought did a superior job for us! Two final comments. First , I am an unapologetic train geek and have ridden trains all over the world so my comments may be a tad enthusiastic. Second, one of the places we went by was the Panama Federal Prison and for what it's worth I don't want to go to prison in Panama!!!! If you have any specific questions please ask and I will do my best to answer.
  22. Long Beach is our fav. Carnival has really gotten their act together as they are using all of the dome now.
  23. We did the partial transit also. A high light for us other that the obvious amazing technology was the train ride to the Pacific side and back. Learned lots in a splendid old train car with a wonderful guide.
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