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  1. Board arrived yesterday took it for a spin today and loved it I think it will take me awhile to get fully used to it but so far I'm happy with the purchase can't wait to put some hours on it
  2. I ended up ordering a 39inch ash board after trying a older one at my local flowrider will update how it rides when I get it, thanks again for all the information people have put up here
  3. Wow thanks for all the info I will have a look into the Jaan boards, I also went back and re looked into the postage and it was only the ash boards that had the 160usd postage the wavelock and mak boards are only about 70, also if you are ever going to be on the Gold Coast dreamworld has a flowrider there little bit closer to you than Cairns
  4. Wow 4 boards that's awesome living in Australia it costs a fortune to get one over here to get a outlaw deliver is going to be nearly 800 230 of that is postage, I would love to try a different board I liked the look of the ash one I saw on my last cruise but if I got it and didn't like it I would be gutted, when you say unresponsive do you mean to turn or more for when your doing tricks, also does the channels hamper spinning the board is that why no good for tricks?
  5. I'm probably going to get the outlaw 39 just got to decide weather to get one with channels
  6. Awesome thanks for the reply we did the crossing from Hawaii to Sydney in September and a lady was riding a ash board kicking myself for not asking for a go, they had the 39 outlaws on board I don't think they were the channel ones though I really liked those ones soo much easier to move around I went back to my local one the other day and all they have are longer boards and it feels like I'm riding a bloody Mal
  7. Just wondering what board you ended up going with and whether you were happy with what you got? , I'm looking at purchasing one want one that carves hard but I'm just starting to learn how to Ollie and want one that will be good at going down that path as well
  8. My thoughts exactly, I brought the key so I could get extra flowrider goes without being the Ahole jumping the line when I purchased it that was what it said I would get but now it's just less and less, we are doing the reverse cruise of the one I think you just did I hope the flowrider sessions do not go down even more by the time we do it
  9. I didn't think so you are actually giving information that people like myself are wanting I'm doing the same cruise as yours in reverse in September and your post have been very appreciated
  10. Wow that's still terrible, is there a heap of people with the key or have the just been tight arse with the extra hours?
  11. wow so inconsistent, this 7 day trip has 4 extra flowrider sessions and yet JC who is on a 16 day cruise has only, 5 RC need to standardize it, if all people brought it for was extra sessions they would be very disappointed
  12. This has been posted by someone currently on the Ovation
  13. They should of just left it as it was at the start and tried it for a year like that then looked at changing if they needed to the way it is now it changes week to week ship to ship
  14. Thank you for contacting the Cruise Administration Department. Here are the benefits of purchasing The Key: - Priority check-in and boarding (not applicable in Vancouver, Canada or at any ports in Australia). - Private lunch at Chops Grille on boarding day from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM - this does not need to be reserved, as the dining team will be expecting guests who have purchased The Key package - Exclusive carry-on luggage service offering drop off at the Theater (until 1:30 PM) and delivery to your stateroom - up to 2 carry-on bags per guest* - Daily private hours at onboard activities like the FlowRider, Rock Climbing wall, Ripcord by iFly, and ice-skating rink (private hours will be provided with the guest's SeaPass with welcome letter) - Priority port of call debarkation. - VIP seating area at shows in the Main Theater, Aqua Theater, Studio B and Two70. - VOOM Surf & Stream (1 device) - Choice debarkation with an exclusive à la carte breakfast from 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM Should you have further queries, do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Sandy Rubi Cruise Administration Telephone: AU 1800 754 500 NZ 0800 102 123 • Fax: 02 4322 0326 • Email:cruiseadmin.au@rcclapac.com i have had pretty much the same email 4 times from different people
  15. I have been emailing them and they keep sending me emails back (a different person everytime even though i am still replying to thr orginal email) they dont even bother to read what i say and just spew forth standard email that says what the key is
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