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  1. Hi everyone, I have some crew friends onboard the Legend right now and I just returned from a cruise on the Legend myself actually. My friends want me to come back as soon as possible and I more or less told them that I need to save money and vacation time for awhile before I can even think about cruising again. One of them said he'd look into getting me onboard as his guest. What exactly does that mean??? Has anyone ever done this? What is Carnival's policy on it and how does it work?? Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. I didnt even know this was possible!? Thanks much :)
  2. Hi all, My parents and I are cruising in about a month, the same route that we did last year so this time we thought we'd try to go to Playa del Carmen when we're in Cozumel to switch things up a little bit. Just wondering if it's worth it though?? What's fun to do there? Do they have shopping or is it primarily beachy? Anything anyone who has been there could tell me would be GREATLY appreciated. Anybody know how much the ferry from Cozumel over costs and how long it takes? Like I said any hints and tips any AT ALL....send them my way :) Thanks much!