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  1. Thank you everyone! We sail Sunday, and we'll probably check both the coffee shop and the whitehorse. You all have been so much help!
  2. Hi! I'm looking for a good fish sandwich within walking distance of the ferry or on a bus route that's relatively easy to follow. On raisin bread would be extra as awesome, but I'll settle for any that tastes good. Thanks so much!
  3. Does anyone have this? I've looked online, but all the menus seem to be before the plus beverage package. Thank you!
  4. Hello! My mother and I are going on an early May cruise on the Joy to Alaska for her birthday. 🤗 This is only our third cruise, though (and the last two were long ago) and our first one on NCL, so I have a few questions if anyone would mind answering them. 1) Is there a two night dining package available to be booked on the cruise, and how much is it? We have three specialty restaurants due to perks, but would also like to dine at two more of them. The rep on the phone told us that we could book two night dining package on the cruise, but I don't know how much I should trust reps on the phone. If the three dining package is cheaper when booked ahead (or all that's available), we can fit it in, but we'd prefer just two nights. 2) What wines are served at Wine Lovers the Musical? Are they wines that can only be gotten for 15$'s+? How is the show? We have the perked beverage package and so we're sort of leery of spending extra money on a short show with booze, but if the wines or the show is amazing, we can be talked in to it. 3) My mother wants to know what sort of sweeteners they have on the ship, and if they have flavored creamers. (I don't drink too much coffee besides overly sweet junk, and Starbucks charging 20% gratuity scares me away from them.) 4) It looks like our flight will be getting in relatively late (after 11 it lands, and how long it'll take us to get to the ship is a mystery). Do we still have a chance of booking the shows and the silent disco? We're not to in to the go-karts or laser tag stuff, but we would like to see those. 5) Are there still towel animals? I love towel animals. =/ I've been reading mixed reports. 6) Is Victoria a relatively safe place to walk to downtown/Chinatown on our own and explore? None of the shore excursions really appealed to us. I'm looking at 'A Taste of Victoria Food Tour' as something we could book off ship, but I'd actually prefer us making our own little food (and maybe wine and beer?) tour and exploring on our own. I'm not adverse to doing research, but any advice or tips on where to go would be appreciated. Finally, if you can think of anything special I can surprise my mother with for her birthday, please send me a private message. 🙂 She reads these boards too, but I'm still trying to surprise her! Thank you so much for reading. Hope everyone is enjoying their cruising!
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