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  1. If you’re driving to port you can carry on any normal sized fan. We take our wind tunnel. I feel like I can’t breathe without a fan. Lol The hey is you do have to carry it on. Ps. I know this is an old post just thought I would share what we do. 🙂
  2. We do our additional tipping (servers in casino, room steward, we don’t eat MDR) all in cash. Hubby and I order a drink we give him 1.00. He definitely comes by often to check on us too. Lol room steward 5-8.00 a day but all at end of cruise.
  3. We’re 48. Don’t drink etc. we LOVE cruising with carnival. Only 5 days and up though. Yes, the 3-4 day cruises are literally booze cruises and seems everyone on the ship is 21.
  4. Yes, but have you always wanted a daughter that was your age (or older) lol i can pretend im not 48 but not sure if my wrinkles and gray will be able to pull it off! 😂😂
  5. Customs was who asks for our BC. Not carnival.
  6. Can you imagine the amount of taxes they’ll take out with that lump sum back pay?!? I shudder to think about it!
  7. OH YEAH! I can see anyone trying anything these days!
  8. Did they tell you all to meet or was there signage? Ty for your help!
  9. I would let them know so it’s one less thing for them to stress about. Just get her log in info and make a payment. Youre so sweet to do this!
  10. First off, can I call you daddy?!? (Uhhh I mean adopt me) lol massage and pedicure for sure!!!
  11. Our last cruise was in October. All we have ever used is our DL and BC. Clearly, my name is different but what they look at is first name and dob and making sure your DL has the same DOB. So, to answer your question. DL and BC is all you need.
  12. When we cruise on Feb 10 we have priority tendering. This is the first time for us. So they notify you in some one way or are you just left to wing it and figure it out on your own?
  13. We had drug dogs sniffing every where when we were in line to go thru customs upon boarding. That is in NOLA anyway.
  14. We had to show BC and drivers license boarding and leaving our cruise.
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