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  1. Question, does anyone's Vet charge them to fill out the forms needed? And does the APHIS waive the fee for the "seal" that is required for some ports if it's for a Service animal? I know someone just sailed to Turks and did not get their permit & didn't get off the ship. We are cruising to Grand Turk in May on Carnival & they are telling us that if we don't have the permit the ship won't be allowed to dock?
  2. It's crazy how you can ask your Vet & APHIS the same question and get different answers. It's also very frustrating. Have a bunch going on a cruise in May to Grand Turk. People are coming from all over the U.S. Some of the vets are making people get a Rabies boosters before they'll do the titre. :-( And some vets won't check with the APHIS to confirm travel requirements.
  3. I think the signs helped. We let Carnival know well in advance that we were coming. LOL Sent info to share with the crew. It was just a over all great experience. That being said my friend was on a different cruise with her guide and a drunk rude guest was upset because she wouldn't let him pet the dog nor would she tell her guide's name. The guest made threats against them.
  4. This past May there was a group of 29 guides on the Carnival Ecstasy. The other passengers were so great and respected that the dogs were working. It helped that Carnival had several signs up saying "Service/Working Dogs are not pets and should not be petted or talked to at any time". One of the ports we went to was Princess Cay. Some of the guides were allowed "time off" and played in the water , on leash of course. When the other passengers found out it was okay to pet the guides, after asking the handler 1st, it was a great day at the beach for all. It opened up a lot of conversations and I believe folks learn more about respecting Service Dogs.
  5. Cruising in May 202 with a group of 32 guide dogs. I hope they don't call everyone down at 6am. LOL Only port I'm worried about is Grand Turk. I've read on here where folks don't do the required permit & just don't get off the ship. But Carnival keeps saying if you don't have the correct paperwork when checking in at Port Canaveral they won't let you on the ship? But I'm not sure if the Carnival Port agents would even know what's required?
  6. Grand Bahamas (Freeport) and some of the smaller islands got the worst of it. Yesterday Nassau's airport was open. I know all the cruise lines will send relief. I remember after Maria the cruise ships were delivering supplies each week. Carnival even had one of their ships set up for FEMA to use for about a month
  7. Thanks Linda. I just wished they'd make it easier for people traveling with Guides.
  8. Are you going to Grand Turk? Are you doing the paperwork for Grand Turk?
  9. I was not Paws with a cause. It started with a few handlers & went from there. There were 4 different schools represented
  10. We cruise beginning of May with 29 SD. It was so much fun. Going again next May. Not sure how many we'll end up with next time
  11. I read on the permit they charge $50 but if you have a service dog they waive the fee. I think we are going to go for it and hope for the best. I wish the islands would come up with different rules for cruisers that are only there for the day. Not make you follow the Import regulations. You'd think they'd realize they are losing tourist money
  12. Switching routes & looking at Eastern Caribbean. I know the requirements for Grand Turk but was wondering if anyone has cruised there & just not gotten off the ship to avoid the required paperwork? The other ports are St Thomas (U.S), San Juan (U.S) and Amber Cove. Dominican Republic doesn't seem too bad?
  13. Does anyone have information on requirements for cruising with SD to Belize and Roatan?
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