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  1. Absolutely YES!!! It will pretty much guarantee herd immunity on the ship and we can all go about our way WITHOUT social distancing and/or wearing a mask which means the ship can sell more cabins which will help them financially to get back up on their feet.
  2. With Vaccine roll outs, we feel it should be safe to cruise again in 2022. I really want to go to the ABC islands. I noticed that Carnival Horizon is going to all three islands in Jan. and April 30th. We can't make the Jan. cruise but could do April. The itinerary says late night in both Aruba (8am-11pm) and Bonaire (8am-10pm) but leaves Curacao at 5pm. This was a disappointment as I assumed being in Curacao late would be better than being in Bonaire late? I really don't know, it's only an assumption. Now we're not sure what we should do. Do we: a) ho
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