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  1. Hey all, So I didn't do any of the drink packages, and the solarium, while I didn't spend much time there never looked overly crowded. The Abyss slide lines weren't bad at any point we were there. We didn't have a Suite or any type of key thing. I saw people mostly ordering smoothies or juices etc at the Fitness center. I bought an occasional Red Bull. My kids were quite content with the Kiwi, Lemonade and Water options at all the places so I'm glad I didn't purchase any beverage options.
  2. Hey everyone, I know I had a bunch of questions going in. I'll do my best to answer them. Go for it. Few randoms 1) Getting on the ship and through security was an absolute breeze. 15 minutes tops. Came at 11:00AM 2) Rooms are ready promptly at 1:00 pm 3) The ship is immaculate. 4) Don't wait to get off the ship at 9:00 AM like we did. Pure chaos. 5) Those who argue against the big ship concept are spot on when your trying to get in the pools when at sea. They need to have another pool or 2. Just too crowded. 6) Hiro the show is AMAZING. That might be an understatement. 7) The ship is just gorgeous. Artwork, stunning. 8) Cental Park is breathtaking. So is Boardwalk. 9) You can get a protein shake or other type of smoothies at the fitness center. 10) You can run around the track without having to side step passengers. Very well done. 11) Getting off the ship was easy. They say to bring a photo form of ID but never ask for it. 12) They do a really cool balloon drop at midnight on the first day. Ok thats it for now!
  3. Hey everyone, So our Set Sail Pass says our check in time is 3:00 PM. If we show up early will they let us in? I have a young boy and I didn't want to be turned away if I tried! Also what is the earliest I should arrive? Thanks! in2flying
  4. thank you. at least that will offset the arcade or something lol.
  5. Not that I'm aware and frankly I'd be concerned with not having the proper # of people for the reservation. Ty for replying!
  6. For my Symphony of the Seas cruise, I paid for my 8 year old the $175 for the unlimited dining. How hard is it to get that refunded once I'm on the ship? Thank you in advance!
  7. Thank you! Basically just taking advantage of some quiet time when they pass out for the night!
  8. Clarification please. If I buy a surf and stream package for 2, ( for my son's phone and his brother's IPAD) can it be used on a 3rd device ( my device ) if one of my boys is logged out ( sleeping)? Thank you.
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