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  1. Or you could get the train to Reading and switch to the Rail Air bus there.
  2. Allow for a free day in Southampton before the cruise so you can go to the Sea City Museum if you haven't already been - it has an excellent Titanic section.
  3. I meant in your local area. And every person in employment is using other services and businesses. That aside, do Cunard employ more people to deal with direct bookings than they do to take them from agents?
  4. The difference is that you are facilitating employment by using an agent.
  5. You may find that just before that payment is due they magically find themselves able to get in contact. You should be able to transfer the payment then.
  6. Have transferred my late August booking to the same dates in 2021. Voted for the last option, hoping that will be the case.
  7. Or here: https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/activity-types/bars-and-lounges/a-world-of-drinks If you want proper, non-draught, Diet Coke, you'll need the premium package at $29 per person per day. I don't think the package will be cost effective personally (I am in a similar position but don't drink tea or coffee either).
  8. Don't they mean complement rather than compliment?
  9. I can get on to it, but find it very frustrating that every time I log on I need to write in my name and put in my dob as well as the booking number. Every single time. Can't I just have a user name and password like every other site I use on the internet?
  10. In case anyone's still interested, I found a lovely dress in Hobbs (in London as it happens, as I had to be there for something else). Thanks to all for advice.
  11. I was wondering if any of you could share where you find your evening dresses. I am booked on Cunard (some time away so no rush but I'd like to know where to start looking), and although I have a number of dresses suitable for ordinary evenings, I only have one I think would do for the gala evenings. So I need to shop. I'm looking within about an hour's drive of Southampton, and I guess looking at not more than £200-250 and less would be helpful. Does anyone have any specific recommendations?
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