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  1. I can get on to it, but find it very frustrating that every time I log on I need to write in my name and put in my dob as well as the booking number. Every single time. Can't I just have a user name and password like every other site I use on the internet?
  2. In case anyone's still interested, I found a lovely dress in Hobbs (in London as it happens, as I had to be there for something else). Thanks to all for advice.
  3. Bournemouth-Southampton is an easy train journey - half an hour. I'd recommend that over coach.
  4. I find Southampton airport much more relaxed than Horrible Heathrow and Ghastly Gatwick myself.
  5. It's only 13 pence per minute, not £13. Additional phone numbers for amending bookings: +44333 003 8101. +44333 003 0025
  6. I'm thinking the same. These all look like nice day dresses - perfectly doable.
  7. Thank you all - lots to consider. I do have ages to go, so will wait until the autumn to go shopping and try some of your suggestions.
  8. Thanks. I was having a look in John Lewis today (in Reading) but they didn't seem to have many in store (they do have some nice ones online so I was a bit disappointed). Do you know if some branches (Southampton, Portsmouth?) have better selections than others? I was wondering if their personal shopper service would be helpful, but I would want to be sure the branch had a reasonable choice. Recs of specific stores would be exceptionally helpful 😉 anywhere on the south coast from Bournemouth to Portsmouth, or north to Salisbury and Winchester. I don't want to have to go into London.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I'd rather not buy online; I want to be able to try on in the shop and not have to deal with returns if it doesn't fit.
  10. I was wondering if any of you could share where you find your evening dresses. I am booked on Cunard (some time away so no rush but I'd like to know where to start looking), and although I have a number of dresses suitable for ordinary evenings, I only have one I think would do for the gala evenings. So I need to shop. I'm looking within about an hour's drive of Southampton, and I guess looking at not more than £200-250 and less would be helpful. Does anyone have any specific recommendations?
  11. Actually, Copenhagen and Skagen are in Denmark, which is in the EU.
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