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  1. same happen to us for our october cruise but in reverse... we now have a random credit for $266 and I keep getting emails reminding me to make my final payment. NCL really needs to get their billing together, consistently a ***** show.
  2. Thanks! This seems like a good pick roomwise... could you always hear the pool deck music when out on your balcony?
  3. Have been a NCL loyalist for years but the Bermuda cruises out of Charleston on the Sunshine have me very interested. We normally cruise in the Haven and it didn’t seem like there is anything similar on this particular ship, is that accurate? What benefits come with a suite and would it be worth it to book a suite or stick with an aft balcony? thanks in advance!
  4. same situation for us... want to cruise on ships that bring in younger couples but have the money for a more luxurious travel budget. We are going to give the Haven a try with NCL to see how the ship within a ship concept goes for us. Hopefully a happy blend of elevated service but also couples around our age (late 20s early 30s) to be vacation friends with.
  5. Hotel is per person but it’s half of the regular room rate each... we are doing this in Miami and the room if I booked it would be $190 total and to book through NCL it’s $90 pp so you could actually come out a little cheaper.
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