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  1. We did the Coco Cay pig excursion this past summer. It is about a 10 minute boat ride from Coco Cay. This is not the original pig beach deal. This "feels like" it's run by a family, and they were still building it out. There's a section of the water fenced off and you get into the water with the pigs. They swim; you stand. The workers give you apple pieces on sticks and you feed the pigs. You can also pet them, and they'll let you hold one of the baby pigs for a picture. The pigs do poop in the water, and that is less-than-desirable. However, the workers are pretty quick to scoop it out. The entire excursion, including the boat ride there and back, is probably and hour and I think we paid $90 pp. It was fun and my kids really enjoyed it. The pigs were funny. But I'm not sure if we "need" to do it again; unlike say the dolphin swim on Blue Lagoon. We'd do that again in a heartbeat.
  2. We're new to cruising; first cruise will be on the Mariner this August. We're booked in a suite, but it seems like we could have booked a balcony and purchased The Key and saved quite a bit of money and gotten some better benefits. As best I can tell, the only thing a suite gives you that the Key doesn't (besides a bigger cabin) is the suite lounge and a more expansive room service menu. But if we were in a balcony cabin and purchase the Key, we still get priority access on and off the ship and VIP seating at the shows, plus we'd also get lunch at Chops on the first day, internet and special access to Flowrider? I'm wondering if we should change our reservation and book a balcony cabin instead. Any thoughts on that from those of you with some cruising experience? Since deposits for suite cabins are non-refundable, can you downshift without losing your deposit?
  3. Wasn't sure whether to post here or in first time cruiser forum. We're sailing on Mariner this summer; staying in a suite and I have some questions about suite perks. On embarkation day, is there a restaurant open for suite guests for lunch or do we go to the Windjammer? I understand there's a suite lounge, do they have soda/pop in there? Water? Or should we plan to carry on some soda/pop and water? Lastly, just started reading about the Key. Sounds like it overlaps a lot of what is already included with a suite (except for maybe lunch at Chops and restricted access to Flowrider). That's not so much of a question as it is a comment. If we wanted to book private time on Flowrider, can we do that? And if so, do we do that before the cruise or once on board? Thanks in advance for anyone who has answers.
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