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  1. We’re booked on Sky, now Caribbean Princess repo from NYC Nov. 5, & were notified last month that Bonaire is substituted with Grenada. Must be something going on behind the scenes, as there’s not a lot of ships scheduled there for November 2021. http://crew-center.com/kralendijk-bonaire-cruise-ship-schedule-2021
  2. Looks like your November cruises were cancelled because, as Mud_Shark guessed, Caribbean Princess is replacing Sky Princess 14 night repo from NY to FLL. Notifications are starting to arrive for those of us booked on Sky.
  3. That is probably our biggest complaint about every Princess ship we’ve been on, not only Caribbean Princess. In fact, if anything, Royal class theaters are worse.
  4. We’re also on this sailing, but haven’t been notified yet of the change. This is our 2nd Sky sailing cancelled or ship changed, having had her repo of 11/5/20 cancelled. Guess it’s just not in the cards for us to sail her. As to Caribbean Princess, we sailed her for 14 nights in January 2019. She has all the standard features of pre Royal Princess ships. Our least favorite feature was the buffet, with some choices displayed in individual cardboard trays resulting in lots of stale offerings. I’m sure all buffets will be different post Covid. Other than that we thought she was in gre
  5. Completely off topic, but Hi Don! Been a long time, since I’m not on the Celebrity boards much anymore, having pretty much jumped to Princess since the Edge class launch & higher fares. Good to drop in on an old “friend”. Hope you & family are doing well.
  6. I’ve had the Ocean Medallion app installed since last year, & when I booked a November 2021 a couple of weeks ago, it automatically appeared on my app, saying I an off ship & how many days until our sailing. Maybe you should call them.
  7. Thought I was the only one who remembered the first Mustangs were 64 1/2s. Our upstairs neighbors who were married the same week as us had one, which was a wedding gift from his parents. We spent many miles tooling around in that car with them. ( not much room in the back seat!)
  8. Combination of my first name & last initial changed from C to sea.
  9. In addition to the lack of Crooners on Sky (what were they thunking?!), it looks like the aft pool is not much more than a splash pool. But they did vastly improve Princess Live, so the seating seems to be much more comfortable They also added staterooms on the retreat deck, cutting that beautiful area almost in half. We had our November Sky cruise cancelled this year & are thinking of the November 2021 repo out of NY. Also... It’s so nice to be talking potential cruises, even if over a year away!
  10. Thanks nocl. Since I’m retired and not subject to much exposure, & don’t use many masks, I think I’ll just dispose of my disposable masks.
  11. Can you elaborate on that procedure? Thanks.
  12. The bottom line is that once the go ahead is given for cruising to start up again, everyone has to decide for themselves the amount of risk they want to take to go on a cruise. Everyone has different circumstances; there are no right or wrongs here. Hoping to be back on a ship soon, when we can fell comfortable on board.
  13. We also got our FCC applied to our account yesterday for our cancelled Sky cruise of November 5th.
  14. What was the date of your sailing & when did they cancel it?
  15. Don’t want to get yelled at for being off topic, but thanks for calling me conservative. Not too many do these days, lol. I know lots can happen, & that some lines are cautiously starting up. I do think it’s a shame that the CDC has chosen to basically ignore the cruise industry . Rabin1 asked for advice, & I gave my thoughts. I really hope I’m wrong, & that we start cruising much sooner.
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