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  1. Hi Tony, that looks like a sunscreen over a hot tub. I know that many people don’t like hot tubs, but for those who do, it’s a great way to shield you from the sun. Royal Caribbean has them; they’re kind mesh, which lets the sun in, but provides protection as well.
  2. Great news! Reading material for the next year!🤓
  3. Looks like someone took my photo while I wasn’t looking!
  4. Interesting point, lol. And that’s why people who play have to realize that it’s not life or death! Some years ago we had a moderator who told everyone prior to the session there was a right answer, a wrong answer, & (possibly) his answer, & his answer was the right one for that day. Then he tell all that we’re here to have fun; then would say “if you don’t like it.....”, & with a flourish would point toward the exit. In 14 days, we never had a problem. Best moderator we ever had.
  5. Sounds like you had a few before trivia also! Lol
  6. Thanks Linda, I agree, it makes no economic sense for anyone, especially someone at Elite+ level to waste their money on a CC stateroom, unless, as I said they want the extra room on an M class ship. Heck at today’s Celebrity fares, even for standard balconies, but there’s lots of other comparable choices out there at lower fares. Never thought I’d be saying that.
  7. I recall getting all of those items when booking Concierge Class in the past. Haven’t book a CC room in a number of years. Out of those perks listed, how many remain? I guess I’m asking what incentive does anyone have to pay a premium for CC room, other than a few extra square feet of space on M class ships?
  8. Ah yes....Bermuda is one of my favorite places on earth, & that is indeed Bermuda formal wear. I have worn shorts in the MDR, on NCL & Royal Caribbean. When I decided to stop bringing formalwear on cruises, we either went to the buffet or a specialty restaurant where it wasn’t required. As the cruise lines relaxed their their requirements, I try to follow their suggestions, but I really don’t care what anyone else wears to dinner on a cruise, even baseball caps or wife beaters. The food tastes the same regardless of what people wear.
  9. So he was just busting the MDs chops to make a point, he really didn’t care how she was dressed.
  10. My point is that some think it’s ok to flaunt the guidelines, but only to the extent that they approve. It’s called hypocrisy.
  11. I’m afraid that if they did that, the formal DR would have lots of empty tables on formal nights. Perhaps they could try splitting a DR, with a formal section.
  12. So if they’ve done away with footstools in CC rooms, what perks are left? Where’s the incentive to book a Concierge Class room at an increased price?
  13. So it’s ok for your husband to stretch the rules in the MDR the way he wants, but not a woman?
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