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  1. Thanks, that was where we got what I thought was Starbucks on Adventure, the kiosk was right aft of Cafe Promenade. So I guess I’m not altogether nuts!
  2. Yes, I meant Adventure. I guess you’re right, I must be getting old! So what’s the name of the coffee place on deck 5 just aft of the of the Cafe Promenade? It’s kind of out in the promenade? That’s the place I meant. I thought it was a Starbucks. My bad.
  3. I bought the non alcoholic drink package for my wife on AOS in 2019, & she got a Starbucks coffee every day, so I think it’s included.
  4. In a word, Matt. We always felt the same about the CD; some good, some ok, but never a big difference maker. Then we cruised with Matt, & only once, for 20 nights, & he only made the first 10 nights, due to illness, but he was a difference maker.
  5. Matt is hands down, the best CD we have sailed with in our 46 sailings. Princess has lost a rare diamond. Here’s hoping that he stays in the industry with another line. Knowing he would be on board would be a big factor in our decision to sail any line; he’s that good.
  6. Just want to say it is so cool to “join” all of you on your cruise. It feels normal again, but I am beyond jealous. I hope everyone has an awesome time, & thanks to all for bringing us along! keep those photos coming!
  7. I meant that they’ll be replenished the next day. I have no problem with use the or lose them. and Oxo, you didn’t say we’re not supposed to talk about the vouchers, but the link you supplied did. Didn’t mean to break your rules.
  8. Got it! Thanks everyone. I do like the idea of being able to use them at any time, & if they’re not used, so be it; there will be more on my card the next day.
  9. Love the voucher system, but I’m curious, are the vouchers in addition to the free drinks at happy hour, or in lieu of?
  10. FOUR FEET of snow??? In Bayonne?? Might that be a slight exaggeration ?
  11. We’ve never had a problem with hanging storage space on Princess, even on longer sailings. No worries.
  12. Agree. But the problem with NCL is everything else, like food & service.
  13. Hope you’re wrong about that. And I hope they do require it, at least for now.
  14. If you’re traveling with teens, Royal Caribbean is definitely a better choice. Adult entertainment is about equal, but Royal has MUCH more for teens, with water slides & rock climbing walls, & even a mall to hang out in. service & food is about equal.
  15. Same here. Sign in attempt results in another blank sign in screen.
  16. What exactly is it that you are afraid of?
  17. It’s all about the betting for the vast majority.
  18. Easy. My first name is Rich, my last starts with C, & I love being at sea.
  19. But most of the crew generally come from less wealthy nations.
  20. There’s no way to know exactly where the responsibility for the 500,000+ deaths in the US lies, but I would bet that if the previous administration took the pandemic seriously, & even promoted mask wearing, the number of deaths would have been drastically reduced. We had a year of our Chief Executive leading the way by practically never even wearing a mask; & his followers followed their leader.
  21. So do we. The best was the years Celebrity did 10 & 11 night sailings out of SJ. We love Puerto Rico.
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