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  1. Just saw on FB that Sky has engine problems.
  2. We've also prepaid our tips in the past to smooth out monthly payments. I don't know if they'll charge them all at once, but when you check your folio during the cruise, it should tell you what your debit or credit remaining is, so no need for math. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. I agree. But in fairness, it doesn’t hurt to ask; perhaps before you place your order.
  4. I find it ironic that some think Princess has no regard for their guests when it comes to changes in the rules regarding coffee cards, yet when Princess removes a chair from rooms without any warning or notification, they will just plan on bringing their own, or moving balcony furniture indoors to sit on, or just say they didn’t use the chair anyway, & people should just get over it. I guess it all depends what is important to each of us.😉
  5. Hands down, our favorite CD after over 40 cruises. While I wouldn’t book just to see him, he would be a tie breaker in our choosing on sailing over another. To me, he makes that much of a difference.
  6. Ok, it’s not an island. My bad. But is it a private port of call like Princess Cay, Labadee, etc.?
  7. We were scheduled to stop at Gran Turk on Royal a couple of years ago, but skipped it for some reason. Isn't Amber Cove a private island?
  8. Pacific Princess is only 30,000 GRT. I don't know if a 100,000GRT ship can visit those smaller island mentioned. Look, I agree that it would be nice to change things up; I just think there's a lot more to it than saying just go there.
  9. There are only so many Caribbean Islands, & only so many that can accommodate today's large ships, & only so many pier spots available on each island. What exactly would you like them to change?
  10. Lol. And I’m so glad that I’ve gone through life not worrying about stuff like grout color, dirty remotes, dirty phones, etc. & am still chugging along. We all have to do what makes us comfortable.
  11. That looks like a major improvement to present layout, which has seats that are too small & do not move, which makes it clumsy for trivia. I do like the present Princess Live for their game shows, particularly if they’re hosted by Matt O. When you think of it, Princess live events could all be held in Explorer Lounge, which is much more comfortable.
  12. There are plenty who are trying to lead the way if you choose not to. You are not following. Oh, I you know; you’re not a follower either.
  13. Unfortunately Daniel, I’m afraid that as the older, smaller ships leave the fleet, they will be replaced by larger ships. When we started cruising 30-40,000 GRT were the norm, followed by 70-90000 GRT ships. Now those ships are dwarfed by today’s ships. Economy of scale.
  14. Let someone take a candid shot of you & see how you look. They’re not exactly posing for the camera.
  15. We've done b2b sailings where the moderator mentions that they recognize those from the last cruise & so changes up the questions, but sometimes you just have to let them know that you've heard them before. Also, once in a while there will be 1 or 2 duplicates questions mixed in from the previous sailing, but most of the time we can't remember the answers anyway. That's why they call it trivia!
  16. We also like the Royal class ships, even though they have their drawbacks, like the smaller balconies (not as bad as I'd feared), & the lack of Explorers Lounge, & promenade deck, which I don't care much about, but realize that many others do. I love the expanded piazza, larger IC, & even Princess Live, even with its uncomfortable seating. Oh, & Alfredos and the beautiful Retreat Pool. Grand class has the bigger balconies, Explorers, and that great aft Terrace Pool. We find that each class of ship has plusses & minuses, which is true of all the lines we've sailed. It's good to have choices, they forestall complacency!
  17. Also another reason the cruising is so great. We rarely go to things we don’t want to go to either.
  18. You mean one like Celebrity’s abomination, Edge? I sure hope not.
  19. isosika, yours is the best post of this thread, & probably all of the medallion threads. Thanks.
  20. MORE excited; big difference.
  21. I think the point is that the oldies are going to die off, & be replaced by new oldies, who have grown up trying to save the planet, &with technology other than paper and pens.
  22. If everyone had the attitude, “I’ll wait for the other guy to do it, then I’ll do it”, nothing would ever change. We could just keep our heads in the sand. Besides, we’ll all be dead soon, so let the kids worry about it.
  23. It will probably be slightly cramped, pretty much as it is on the Grand class ships, with limited seating poolside.
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