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  1. Did they change the colors of the rooms on the entire fleet? I didn’t realize that. Not sure about how often they clean or reupholster the furniture.
  2. How so? The chairs were already in the rooms.
  3. Unfortunately, Princess has indeed removed the barrel chair from all of the standard balcony rooms. There was a 40 page or so thread here a while back where most, not all protested their removal. Numerous calls to Princess were answered saying that if you wanted one to request it, but they couldn’t guaranty there would be one available. Princess must think only one person needs a chair; the other can stand or sit on the bed.
  4. Everyone should book however they feel most comfortable. Personally, we like the additional OBC + any other perks from our on line TA, and even though they’re 1200miles away, we still have the same agent servicing us for years. I’ve never had the need to contact the cruise line directly
  5. It has never been advantageous for us to book directly with the cruise line either. If anyone feels they should not use a TA just to get a bottle of wine, I would say they are using the wrong TA. We regularly get $200-400 on board credit from our on line agency. The big box store is good also, but gives store gift cards for some cruise lines, although tgey do gove OBC for Princess.
  6. I would agree with you except what are the chances of someone having their balcony door for the entire 14 days of our cruise? We’ve been on 40 cruises and have never had a room so warm.
  7. We were on Caribbean Princess in January in A535 just aft of mid ship, & could not get the AC below 74 even though we kept the balcony door closed, along with the drapes. Maintenance checked it & said it was working properly. It does seem that while it may not be a ship wide problem, there does appear to be more complaints about AC on Caribbean Princess than other ships in the fleet.
  8. Thanks for reporting back. Senior moment perhaps? Lol. Getting sone of them myself these days. BTW, I think there are some having crow for dinner.😉
  9. PLEASE, give it a break. It’s tiresome.
  10. Agree. As thingsnow stand with their entire pricing structure, the only way we would book is after final payment. The problem is, I am a planner, & I keep finding fair (to me) prices on other lines for sailings prior to final payment & booking them, so X gets locked out.
  11. Just as all answers and comments aren’t always a direct answer to one’s question. You sound like an elementary school teacher chastising students for not paying attention. if you didn’t want anything but yes or no responses, you should have taken a pole.
  12. Go for it? You’re the with the issue.
  13. Great comparison. Having cruised both lines I agree with pretty much all of your points. While I agree that Celebrity’s theaters are much easier to find seating, I would say that overall Princess offers more choices of entertainment in the evening. We love both lines; it’s great to have choices!
  14. You actually took a photo? When? At the time of the fall, or after you came back to the ship? What does your attorney say?
  15. Thanks for your patience. Your head must be hurting from banging it against that stone wall. I think you’ll find that most people onboard are pleasant.
  16. So sorry this happened to you, but seriously, you are inexperienced cruiser, yet you planned to fly 5000 miles from the NE on the day of sailing during the height of winter????? And only a 40 minute window to make a connecting flight? Nothing could possibly go wrong with that scenario.
  17. I doubt that Princess would ever get rid of formal nights outright, but they will most probably continue to tweak the guidelines to reflect evolving norms of society. I have photos of my parents & relatives at JFK preparing to board a plane for a week in the Caribbean with the men wearing sports jackets and ties, & the women wearing dresses. Haven’t seen that on flights to the Caribbean for years. Times change.
  18. And you really get off on this? Well, I guess whatever floats your boat.
  19. I was just thinking the same thing. I haven’t noticed a change in service compared to the days of tipping envelopes, other than areas where is is an obvious reduction in staff, resulting in an overstretched waitstaff for example. This is just my opinion, but it seems like some here are reacting as if gratuities on a cruise ship is something that has just been instituted, not just increased. To our friends who live in countries where tipping is not part of the culture, I understand your frustration, but cruise lines have operated this way since day one; why the outrage now?
  20. I certainly hope that those wringing their hands have thoroughly sanitized them first.
  21. I don’t understand why you didn’t at least check out the replacement room they offered. How could you know there was the same noise in the new room as the old room?
  22. According to Perry's website, he is still in negotiations regarding his schedule from May onward. Actually, I am surprised to see he is on Royal Caribbean, as he appeals to an older audience. As someone mentioned, think Liberace.
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