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  1. Enjoy your cruise. Wish I would go back already 🙂
  2. Happy cruising ! No, sorry, no picture of the drink menu...
  3. We were there last week and only a few cabanas were used. They are further from the beach, more in the back
  4. Long post ahead... We got off the MSC Meraviglia this Sunday so our cruise was from Feb 2 to Feb 9. We had a grrrrrrrrrrrreat time ! This was our 11th cruise. We sailed with Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian before. If I had to order them by my own personal preference, that would be 1. Royal Caribbean, 2. Norwegian, 3. MSC and 4. Carnival. But again, this is my own opinion. But overall, we loved it. I mean, come on, you’re on a cruise; I’m one to look at the positive side of things and not let the less positive elements affect me. So if you’re looking for a bad review, this will not
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