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  1. Hello all Each year, my wife and I normally book our cruises out of Sydney about a year in advance (usually with RCCI). Our sailings are also normally done in the January school holiday period due to the fact that my wife is a school teacher. My question is: seeing as we are both retiring in the near future, how much money can be saved by making bookings at a moments notice before a cruise? Has anyone had any experiences or done well with this sort of thing? I've tried to do a bit of research on this myself but the cruise season hasn't begun and I don't see last minute offers yet. Any views or experiences would be appreciated.
  2. Interesting conversation guys. I was a bit perturbed recently when we ordered online before our cruise a coffee card to use on Radiance. The price of each card was good for 15 specialty coffees. However, I discovered that when checking out there was a 15% service charge applied to the initially advertised price which bumped up the deal. The reason why I felt this is disturbing because of all the things we have ever ordered pre-cruise online we have never encountered a "service charge". C'mon RCI, you are better off just incorporating the fee and be done with it. So yeah, it might not have necessarily been deceptive, but totally unnecessary in my view. Not impressed with it and hope this (trend?) doesn't continue.
  3. When I took a full-on black suit, I put it in a suit bag which was then an extra burden. I then started taking a linen blend blazer and folded it as best I could into my suit case. Yes, linen can crush and crease but my stateroom attendant could organise to have it pressed splendidly if needed! Just make sure he gets it soon after you board. So, this is my preferred strategy now to deal with formal nights. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. We were there in January 2018 via a shore excursion from Explorer of the seas. On our previous cruise to Noumea on Radiance passengers raved about it so we particularly went on our next opportunity. Yes it wasn't cheap, and though we didn't necessarily go for the snorkelling (but we did enjoy the glass bottom boat), we had a fabulous day out on the island swimming, eating and drinking. There was plenty of terrific food put on for us and the alcoholic punch was very refreshing and lots of it, bonus! The entertainment was also a nice diversion. So yeah, IMHO it was a great day out...but only you can determine whether it is worth the price of admission.
  5. We always make an effort to dress to impress on formal nights. I used to wear a dark suit and tie but now feel more comfortable in slacks, a tie and a blazer. We do this on formal nights for either the MDR or speciality dining. IMHO, you owe some respect to your fellow travellers to certainly avoid sloppy or casual clothing on formal nights, most especially in the MDR. I mean you will only stand out by not joining in...and seriously, who really wants that?
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