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  1. Not what i meant.. I meant that people's perception of things being that way did not bear out. I was already pretty sure that wasn't the case going in. I get that you either pay up front or you pay later for things and i'd much rather the model where you don't pay up front. There was very little that I thought "gee I wish this were included."
  2. I just recently took my first cruise.. on the Escape, to Bermuda. I was where you were. I booked and then the comments I saw had me worried that I'd booked the wrong ship, the wrong type of vacation the wrong everything. I too considered cancelling. I'm glad I didn't. I had, and I'm not exaggerating, a spectacular time. Its a lovely ship. I got to do everything that interested me, and I found the food ranging from "fine" to "excellent" and only ate one meal that I was meh on and it wasn't one I was expecting much from. I did not have a drink package (I'm not a big drinker), but even with the ostensible nickel and diming my onboard account really didn't rack up much in the way of charges. I really need not have worried, and you don't need to either. Its really very very nice.
  3. The Escape has a fair amount of ocean facing outside space. The Waterfront is lovely, and segmented so you can really feel like you are somewhat by yourself wherever you are sitting I remember thinking that i would have been fine without a balcony because of the waterfront.
  4. I have no idea what they are doing in these kids and teens clubs but it must be amazing - because our ship was full of kids and teens and I never saw them except when some kids were being asked by their parents to leave the kids club to go to dinner with their parents and they were complaining that they wanted to stay at the kids club! Everyone under the age of 18 that i saw was having a blast all day every day. When they ventured to where I could see them.
  5. I just got off the Escape, and I'm gluten free and I did not have a single problem all week. They really did an outstanding job. They offered me the option to pre order stuff (which I largely didn't take because we didn't want to tie ourselves down to stuff). They brought me gluten free bread everywhere (and it was different bread on different days, and all surprisingly good) There was always a gluten free dessert option or two which is often a sore point in other places. The most amazing GF experience i had was in the Buffet (which they advised me to avoid and I didn't but it was still plenty easy to eat there). I had asked at one of the stations if something was gluten free and they radioed the chef and it was not, so i thanked them and moved on. Ten minutes later, the Matire D, who i had never seen before and had no idea who I was, appeared where I was sitting (i have no idea how he found me), to offer to have the chef make me a gluten free version of the thing I was asking about. (I declined, but My Goodness was that amazing of them) I was thoroughly impressed (and well fed) the whole week
  6. Me too! I got off on the 16th and would go right back on if I could!
  7. AMAZING! Congrats. You will love the thermal suites! perfect anniversary treat!
  8. Everyone warned me to avoid the buffet on Embarkation day. We ended up chilling out in the shady part of the pool deck for the first half of lunchtime and then ended up going into the buffet, and we had no problems finding seats, and it wasn't the madhouse that was promised (thought definitely more crowded than on other days)
  9. I had a very different experience of the Escape than you did, as I found it utterly lovely in most regards but everyone's experience is their own. I'm sorry that yours was less than satisfying. Horseshoe Bay, to me, however, is anything but underwhelming. It is a beautiful beach, with many small coves to explore. It alone would be enough for me to return to Bermuda
  10. Ship - Escape Deck - 14 Stateroom # - 14860 Stateroom Category – BA- Midship Balcony Starboard or Port Side -Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Reasonably so. Right by Aft elevators so a little bit of hall traffic, but nothing extreme. I could hear the person in the next cabin if they were talking loudly or playing the tv, but not much. If I had had loud neighbors, however, it might have been noticable Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? -Yes, though not to anyone we knew. Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. –Nice, unobstructed, view. Balcony Size? Normal Was wind a problem? - No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - Any specific problems with this cabin? - None Any other comments? Nice cabin - well designed with a lot of storage space. We did not feel cramped. The only oddity is that when sitting on the couch i felt a constant vibration which made me a little queasy. Other than that, all good.
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